Deathloop PS5's graphics modes compared: which is the best way to play?

Digital Foundry : Arkane is back - and it's no secret that Digital Foundry enormously admires the kind of immersive sim experience this studio specialises in, offering players an objective-driven but free-form type of gameplay with lots of secrets to uncover and varying pathways through every stage. The 'deathloop' mechanic itself sees the player 'rewinding' to an earlier time in the mission each time you die, and after two 'rewinds', the level restarts with the default player loadout. It's fun, it's fast-paced, it's thought-provoking, encourages experimentation and discovery and the overall narrative is excellent too. It's a game we've come to love during the review period and it's well worth a look.

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CaptainHenry91611d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I'm actually enjoying this game. The PC version is optimized very well. But I wouldn't give the game a 10. It's more like an 8 out of 10 IMO

Magog11d ago

The other 2 points are for the Dualsense implementation.

porkChop11d ago

I haven't played the game yet so I can't comment on whether it's an 8 or a 10.

But the notion that having dualsense features magically makes an 8 become a perfect 10 is hilarious. They're cool features to have, no doubt, but they don't add 2 full points to the score.

Magog11d ago

@porkchop a next gen game deserves a next gen controller.

neutralgamer199211d ago

End of the day playing a game is about experience and if a controller enhances that experience shouldn't that game get more points? Who knew letting a legendary game developer be in control of hardware could be beneficial instead of a loud mouth suit who will say anything and everything without making sense at nothing

For those who don't understand

Mark Cerny vs Phil Spencer

Zeref11d ago


Well the Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PS5 so your point kinda doesn't work 🤷🏾‍♂️

jukins11d ago

@Zeref where has "more powerful" xbox shown a clear advantage in power? Multiplats are basically the same xsx may have a reso advantage ps5 has fps. But in terms of nextgen games with nextgen features ps5 has way more. And for thr xsx to be touted as more powerful, the fact that you havebto nitpick wins for either console shows more powerful doesnt mean much

andy8511d ago

@zeref power isn't just measured by teraflops any more. If it was, the Series X would beat the PS5 on multi-plats evey single time. It isn't doing, far from it in fact. Plus, developer talent absolutely comes into it too. Because games like TLOU2 (no matter what you think of the story) looking as good as it does on a 1TF console. Shows that power gap can be leveled by a great developer.

porkChop11d ago

"a next gen game deserves a next gen controller."

That doesn't mean an 8/10 should suddenly get a 10/10.

Father__Merrin10d ago

Wrong you need keyboard mouse 🖱 & carpul tunnel to enjoy games as we keep getting reminded....

Hellcat202010d ago

Not for me
First time I heard Julianas voice coming from my controller I turned it off.
It's annoying more than anything.
The haptics feel same as all other shooters before this one.
The game is great but the dualsense does nothing to make it better

camel_toad10d ago

The dual sense actually works with it on pc. Adaptive triggers and haptic included. First game I've played that's used the full functionality of the dual sense.

343_Guilty_Spark10d ago


Multiple games have much higher resolutions, but I'm sure you'll mention the 3-5 extra fps likely due to those significantly lower resolutions

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TheDoomedGuy11d ago

Now what socre would you give in an /5 scale

porkChop10d ago

Bro it's simple math lol. 8 divided by 2 is 4. 4/5.

TheDoomedGuy9d ago

@[email protected]

That would mean it's a very good game. Since 5 would be a great can't miss it game.

Many people go down to 3/5 or 3.5 when using the /5 scale.

SockeyBoy11d ago

Deathloop on PC supports DualSense features. There are a few games on PC that are DualSense supported.

CaptainHenry91611d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Yup but only in wired mode

slowgamer10d ago

What card do you have? What I looked at steam reviews they mostly complain that it runs bad.

SockeyBoy10d ago

I don't have it yet but my mate says he is playing it fine without any dramas. He is running a 2080 super

Darkborn10d ago

I agree. It is pretty fun but not a straight 10. A 10 is really hard to give out honestly or should be. Haven't finished it yet, but the game is enjoyable and arkane did a great job.

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alb189911d ago

The only problem for what some are uncomfortable with the reviews for this game is because is a MS game now.
So many people talking without even play it. Others just are starting to play the game and think that they can talk about the game with more accuracy than the reviewers.

RaiderNation10d ago

LMAO who's "uncomfortable" with the scores? I'm glad it's getting high praise. People have been griping "well what good games does PS5 have this fall" and this one looks to be a very good one. I'll certainly be enjoying it along with Kena and Death Stranding DC (I never played the original).

CBaoth10d ago

just go into Death Stranding with the mindset that it is NOT a walking simulator but rather a Fedex simulator. Combat looks improved but I ended up stealth killing everything except bosses after getting special knife about a 1/3 of the way thru it. Very innovative in that you'll get to create your own fast travel system. Everyone was too busy love/hating Kojima that this feature (esp. in an open world setting) never got the recognition it deserved.

Darkborn10d ago

It's actually a pretty decent game so far. Haven't finished it. I always thought arkane was one of the best studios in zenimax and it's true. Bethesda themselves have such high praise from the modders that fix the games for them. Think about it, without mods, all of their mainline elder scrolls or fallout games would all have launched and stayed like fallout 76, although not as severe. Arkane are really good though.

leejohnson22210d ago

Can't believe anyone is giving this a 10 out 19 it's looks like a more colourful dishonored with more guns

BrettAwesome10d ago

I haven't seen anyone give it 10/19 😂