Switch and PlayStation 5 top U.S. hardware sales in August

August hardware sales were up big. This was the third best August ever in terms of dollars spent on consoles.

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Nyxus13d ago

“After 10 months in market PlayStation 5 remains the fastest-selling PlayStation platform in history.”

Nice, keep it up! Hopefully they can increase supply so more people will be able to get one.

bouzebbal13d ago

It’s crazy I thought PS4 would be hard to beat already

outsider162413d ago

I finally got it today. So happy.

Barneyco13d ago

Here's to hoping everyone can get their console of choice in the near future. That goes for GPU's also.

Yui_Suzumiya13d ago

I got an email from Sony about getting one but I don't get paid until next week and I'm using that for other things.

ElvisHuxley13d ago

Damn impressive how PS5 is able to shatter sales records despite being extremely difficult to obtain even to this day. So lucky I got one, was exhausting trying to get it, took me like 2 months. Anxious to see how well they sell when the supply catches up with demand, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Eonjay13d ago

The most fascinating thing about this is the fact that the demand is still so high and they are so hard to find.

generic-user-name13d ago

In before the "sCaLpErS" comments arrive.

JEECE13d ago

Haha those notorious scalpers who horde PS5s and don't resell them.

Kratos_Kart200713d ago

That would be the dumbest scalper ever...LOL LOL...agree with you man..

foker13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

actually bought my one from a scalper,.. Still worth every penny,- I game every day,.. an this thing is quiet,.. I love it for that alone. Always loved Sony's systems ,.. but thi one os just perfect,.. quiet deliverance of state of the art graphics and animation and actually quiet (you can only hear it when running crap from discs for a few seconds,..
Magical system

Chevalier13d ago

Seems like PS5s are selling for $700 and Xbox's around $600 or so (outside of the recent spike to $700+).

Playstation killing sales though. Just wait till the Switch drops price in October though. Nintendo is going to have a monster October.

MetroidFREAK2113d ago

Glad I was able to get mine day 1!

JEECE13d ago

It's a bit crazy that the night they announced the price has still been by far the easiest time to get them. Although when they were doing directs almost every single day late last year wasn't too bad either, as long as you were using the PS5 Hunt discord and were aware of the patterns of when they went live.

MetroidFREAK2113d ago

I got my preorder the moment Walmart was like hey, preorder it now. I didn't think it was real, but I risked it anyway. Nearly a year later, and I'm still very glad I managed to get one

Sitdown13d ago

Yeah, I was able to snag 3 then...told a friend that I got one for, that she needs to take her kids to Target so they can see the empty shelves, and realized how well she did them last Christmas. It's crazy that we are approaching a year of this madness!

JEECE13d ago


That's what I did as well. And then I just locked down as many as I could because I knew none of my friends would have the awareness to be online and that they'd all just expect to be able to leisurely get on Amazon the next day and get one lol.


That's awesome. I was able to get mine and several for friends as well (for MSRP lol, no scalping). I hope thos kids appreciate it even more now seeing that it still sells out.