August 2021 NPD: Ghost of Tsushima returns to dominate August game sales

The August 2021 NPD games report revealed an industry that continues to grow even compared to a very strong 2020.

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JEECE38d ago

This is good evidence for why native PS5 versions of games can be important even when there is a PS5 patch for the PS4 version. A lot of people who played the PS4 version with the PS5 patch allowing for 60 fps seemed to think a native PS5 release was pointless because the PS4 version ran so well via BC. But there are plenty of people who won't understand what a patch will do but will understand that the PS5 version is better. Obviously a lot of those people bought the game last month.

Chevalier37d ago

Also when the PS4 launched 30% of the purchasers were new to Playstation, who's to say that isn’t the case with PS5 owners as well. Just because there's a lot of people moving up through the ecosystem doesn't mean there aren't also new Playstation 5 owners that are 1st time purchasers.

JEECE37d ago

While I'm sure there are people new to PlayStation buying the PS5, I'm guessing it will be a lower percentage than with PS4, just because PS4 was so much more popular than PS3. Obviously it was a little different elsewhere because Xbox is most popular in the US, but a lot of American kids/teenagers at the time got into gaming with the 360, so PS4 was their first PlayStation when they switched over. Because so many more people had PS4s than Xbox Ones, there isn't as much of a built in audience to switch for the first time.

NeoGamer23237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Or Sony could've provided a true PS5 upgrade patch for free. On PC I buy a game. When I get new hardware I install it on the new hardware and change the settings without having to pay for an upgrade. Sony is not giving us the option. They saying, "if you want a next gen version, you have to buy the new content too". How is this consumer friendly? It is great for Sony, not so great for consumers.

Also, there isn't a new game at the top of the charts. This is a re-release with upgrades and some extra content. Why would a gamer want this to be at the top of the charts and think that is good? Don't you want good new IPs and good new games to be topping charts?

JEECE36d ago

You missed the point pretty hard. Sony DID release a free patch for Ghost of Tsushima so that the PS4 version takes advantage of the PS5's better hardware. This is pretty common knowledge at this point, but you can easily find videos on YouTube showing the PS4 game running on PS5 with the patch that unlocks the framerate. I played much of the game this way. So the primary argument in your comment is totally false.

My point is that some people don't understand this. There will be people who buy a PS5 who have heard of Ghost of Tsushima, but won't necessarily buy a PS4 version of it because they don't understand that the PS4 version takes advantage of the PS5, and they think it's an old game. By putting out a PS5 version, obviously they have been able to get people interested who would not have gone out and picked up a copy otherwise.

And yes, of course I want new IP to do well. Ghost of Tsushima is a pretty new IP. So I'm quite happy to see that people who might have ignored it otherwise are getting interested in it.

NeoGamer23236d ago

Sorry, I had not followed what the patch did and did not do. I would expect it to up the framerate, resolution, add hepatics on controls, take advantage of the NVMe drive fully, and improved visual details in the game. If it does all that it is good. That is what I am seeing as the gold star for free updates.

I completely agree with Ghosts being released on PS5. And if they want to do a marketing gimmick "Director's Cut" to get people to buy it that is fine. Shame on stupid PS5 owners that bought it and can get the same experience on PS5 with the original content for free.

It is still very bad that a game that is over a year old, re-releases and tops charts quickly. I don't buy that a lot of people not in PS4 are buying PS5. Right now with supply constraints you have to be very committed to buy a PS5 (watching the internet, waiting for availability at various stores). People that are new to the ecosystem don't have that commitment. I would think a good 90% of people flocking to PS5 are currently PS4 owners still.

35d ago
FungLip38d ago

Did they fix the Japanese lip sync yet? It was trash when I tried it.

VersusDMC37d ago

They did. They specifically highlighted that fact in trailers.

Magog37d ago

The cut scenes were prerecorded in the original. In the PS5 version they are real time so they can adjust the lip sync to Japanese.

Levii_9237d ago

The dub is much superior anyway and i don't say that often believe me. Sometimes when i hear Attack on Titan dub it makes my ears bleed but.. this dub is fantastic especially the english voice actors for Jin,Shimura and the Khan they are so awesome i can listen to them talk all day.

Welshy37d ago


The JP lip sync wasn't trash, it was non existent, there's a difference between criticising something that's done poorly and criticising something that's not actually there.

Bathyj37d ago

Was going to say the same thing

FungLip37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I was talking about the PS5 version which they highlighted it as the big new feature. Hopefully it's better now as 22 people disagreed with me, not just from some Sony stans. FYI, I specifically waited for the PS5 upgrade to play the game with it.

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NeoGamer23236d ago

PS5 Bloodborne free patch that increases framerate, improves resolution, load times, and takes advantage of hepatic controls please.

VersusDMC37d ago

Ghost didn't dominate as Madden was in first place...but still surprised it got second though.
Kinda hilarious that it was 110th place last month and rocketed to 2nd this month.

And what the hell is Humankind by Sega?
4th place game i got to look up now.

Mr Logic37d ago

It's a turn based strategy game. In the Civilization vein.

Nakiro37d ago

Playing through the game right now, actually playing way more Legends than I thought I would.

LiViNgLeGaCY37d ago

Yeah, legends is a TON of fun!

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