PS5 September System Software Update Launches Globally Tomorrow

Includes new UX features and customization options, 3D Audio for built-in TV speakers, and M.2 SSD storage expansion

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Doge13d ago

Excellent! Gonna wait until Black Friday to snag a 1TB drive, but this is looking very promising 👀

Neonridr13d ago

Yeah I still use an external for all my PS4 stuff, so I'll wait until I can get an M.2 at a really good price before adding more.

darthv7213d ago

I had the 980pro in my Amazon cart and almost bought it when it was $180. something told me to hold off as I had a feeling we would see other brands come out with more competitive pricing. All I know is I added the 1tb expansion to my Series S and it made a huge difference. Cant wait to do the same to the PS5.

Rhythmattic13d ago

So you were happy to pay the price for a Proprietary 1tb Expansion for your Series S, I guess , knowing there's no competition when it comes to pricing.......
OK. Got it.

darthv7212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

^^I got the expansion for $160, which is less than the MSRP. Paying 180 for the 980 was not really an issue. I wanted to wait and see what others were coming since the beta was released. it seems there are a few more on the list now so options are good. I see people talking about the WD and Sabrent. Ive had good luck with Samsung but if I can get equal to or greater than for less $... then why not.

Rhythmattic11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The emperor aint taking your call.

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UltraNova13d ago

I have a feeling that come this BF it will be easier to find a PS5 than a compatible 1TB M.2.

Doge13d ago

It shouldn't be an issue for me. I managed to snag 2 PS5s as soon as preorders went up (one from Amazon and the other from a local shop) without any problems 👍

UltraNova13d ago

With all due respect, you seem to be the exception to the rule.

LightofDarkness13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Not sure about that, not many PCs in the wild yet that have the compatibility or the need for a 7000MB/s NVMe drive. So you should really mostly be competing with other PS5 owners, of which there are few.

Got a me a Firecuda 530 1TB for the PS5 though, it's just been waiting for this update :D

JEECE13d ago

Lol this makes me wonder if I should go ahead and snag that $150 XPG drive on Amazon

thornintheside12d ago

The problem referenced was that it would be difficult finding 1TB m.2

Not ps5

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ABizzel113d ago

Same except I'm looking for a 2TB version. I was going to buy a 1TB since they're $170 and some have sales once in a while for $150, but if I can get a 2TB for $300 or less, I'd rather do that and be set for the entire generation.

AnotherGamer13d ago

Likewise, the M2 SSD are too expensive now. Just set up my ps4 external on my ps5, it will have to do.

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masterfox13d ago

monumental update for tomorrow I would say.

Ju13d ago

Absolutely. Don't know how anyone can say the internal drive is good enough or shifting to the external drive takes forever. I have a 6TB external drive full with my PS4 library mostly. But I also bought a 4TB Sabrent Gen4 drive a while back I'm going to implant into the PS5. Good times.

Bathyj13d ago

Not that I would use it but I'd be interested to see how effective the 3d audio on tv speakers is.

CaptainHenry91613d ago

I'm in the beta, and it's not bad

UltraNova13d ago

How's the directional separation of sound? Is it convincing?

CaptainHenry91613d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It's a boost and decent, but it probably depends on the TV your using. I'm using a CX OLED. It also works with a sound bar if you have one.

OtterX13d ago

One feature that may get overlooked, but sounds awesome... screen sharing from the PS Mobile App. I've found myself many times needing to help family out online in certain games. Before, I'd have to drop out of the session to help them. Now I'll be able to do it without dropping. I'm really happy about that.

Teflon0213d ago

While that's a good way and use of it. You could just pin them to side or PnP like I do for friends if I'm playing something. But that's still a great addition

boing113d ago

Juicy update! And finally Remote Play on mobile data!

Master-Tonberry13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

That's great but they still need to get the Dualsense working on Android, until then I have to use PSPlay (which is better in a few ways anyway).