Techland Announces Another Dying Light 2 Delay

Techland has announced a Dying Light 2 delay. The game, which was originally scheduled to launch later this year, has been pushed back to early 2022.

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RaidenBlack13d ago

Dying Light 2 is still being delayed and Cyberpunk is still being patched.
Both were/are 2020 games.

Angelin13d ago

And both are developed in Poland

RPGer13d ago

I know this isn't your argue, but I would wait for a well pollished game over a disaster like CP77 that been praised (claiming it runs good) by fanboys. Delays to get a full game > Pathetic amount of patches.

barom13d ago

You're waiting for a well "polished" game? Nice one lol

On the real, have they done anything since Dying Light? Seem kind of crazy they can survive this long without putting out anything.

gamingtext202013d ago

Understandable, it looks like 2021 is ending with an extremely lackluster lineup for games for the holidays. It’s going to come down to Halo and COD.

Ashunderfire8613d ago

Battlefield 2042 will own those game!

EvertonFC13d ago

I'm personally going for "Hell let loose" over cod, bf2042 and halo.
Infact "enlisted" is fun too for a f2p game

RaidenBlack13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Numerous rumors floating around that BF2042 is getting delayed.

Kornholic13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

The only thing lackluster is your taste in games.

gamingtext202013d ago

I should’ve been more clearer with my statement.

I am not a fan of any of those franchises and that’s why I said that this is going to be a lackluster holiday.

COD has been a rinse and repeat for the past decade and Halo is a dying franchise.

enkiduxiv13d ago

Some people are just bored with the same franchises and would like to see something fresh. Halo and Call of Duty were the hit holiday releases when I graduated high school. Let's get some knew IP to get excited about.

EvertonFC13d ago

I'm not a sheep bah bah 🐑

NeoGamer23213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

There is still Diablo II Resurrected, Forza Horizon 5, Lost Judgement, Kena, Riders Republic, Back 4 Blood, and Halo Infinite. We already have Pyschonauts 2, Deathloop (Today), Hades, Tales of Arise.

Then continuous franchises such as Battlefield, CoD, Far Cry,

Maybe not super strong, but still lots to game with through this holiday.

I also expect a bunch of games that are currently announced for February-May to be delayed. Either to give them a better launch timing around games like Horizon and GT or to get them more polish.

Mr Logic13d ago

Honestly, all those games you listed seem fine, but given my tastes Kena is the only one I may end up playing, and given its silence at the recent event I'm getting more weary about it.

arkard13d ago

Blizzard deserves zero money

NeoGamer23213d ago

Every publisher has gone through at least one dark period where they didn't serve gamers well.

I judge every game as they release, I don't white list because they had other great games and black list because of a bad game or monetization policy.

From what I can see of Diablo II it is worth a purchase. Full regular price? Probably not.

EvertonFC13d ago

My next games are oxenfree, Greek, golf club wastelands followed by Kena, lost in random, hell let loose and rider rebublic (great beta)
Might pick up bf2042 depends on how hell let loose goes.

rlow113d ago

I'm with you and honestly, how many of those games do you have the time to play? People today have so many games to play. Back in the 80S, 90S and early 2000s you were lucky to have 1 to 5 games a year that were worth playing. Some incredible titles still coming out this year. I have a back log of games I haven't even touched yet. Gamers have never had it so good.

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Lightning7713d ago

Halo is a dying franchise? It's not my all time favorite game either but I wouldn't say it's dying because you don't like it.

EvertonFC13d ago

Agree Halo and gears were flagship titles during the original xbox and 360 era.
Those gamers have since moved on and I can't see halo or gears being thta popular again? Maybe maybe not but going off recent sales of the last few games they've dropped off significantly compared to 10million plus on 360.
PlayStation generally does it right 3 or 4 games per franchise them move on even UC4 was almost too many imo but obviously had to be concluded.

JEECE11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It's not dying. It's just that it isn't a titanic anymore because game sales have become more concentrated in a smaller number of franchises. In the PS2 gen, a game was a hit if it sold 1-2 million. So games like GTA and Gran Turismo that sold over ten million were crazy standouts. The same is true with Halo. It would sell over 10 million when other games were major hits if they sold 3-4 million. But now there are far more games that sell over 10 million, and then there are free to play titles with much larger audiences, so Halo doesn't feel like as dominant of a force because it isn't as big relative to other games, even if its absolute numbers are similar to its heyday.

Yui_Suzumiya12d ago

Life is Strange: True Colors, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! (Physical version), Tormented Souls, Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water, Crysis Remastered Trilogy, Diablo II Resurrected, Metroid Dread, Love Esquire, Hell Let Loose, Shin Megami Tensei V

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Neonridr13d ago

2022 is going to be a busy year.. start saving those pennies.

Furesis13d ago

That's what people said last year... trust me there will be more delays and some games will be pushed back to 2023.
These couple of years have been dry for bigger games, this has to be one of the slowest times for big games in recent history that i remember. Games taking more time to make and the current state in the world is really affecting the window in which we are getting new big games. And with companies being scared to take risks, we end up with bunch of games that "feel" the same.
I've been playing older games recently and honestly it's been refreshing, but i still yearn for something big that ISN'T a remake, maybe Elden Ring will satiate me.

RPGer13d ago

We didn't get anything about next Nier, Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy Collection for consosles, Final Fantasy XIII trilogy PS5 remastered, not even an update on Final Fantasy "Kill Chaos". 2022 will be packed with shallow experiences aside from Horizon, Mario/Zelda game, ForzaH. Just a lilttle bit better than current year.

Still no real exclusives that shows the graphical leap, almost no console is offered by the tag price. Hope at mid of 2022 this won't be the case.

EvertonFC13d ago

The pandemic pushed everything back 6/12months at the end of the day.
Imagine the booking slots at motion capture studios now? They'll be a traffic jam if the studios don't have there own mocap studio.

edeprez12d ago

Hell yes, Elden Ring is on my mind frequently! I want dying light 2, but it's seeming like there's been development problems above the ones everyone is facing right now. I'll be happy if it actually comes out next year in a finished state, and is fun. I'm guessing they got feature creep, and bit off too much.

EvertonFC13d ago

I'm skint now fifa pre order, Greek, oxenfree, golf wastelands just bought then I'll have my Kena and deathloop.
Still playing hades and returnal ffs

thesoftware73013d ago

Damn, was looking forward to paying this.

It's all good though. Smart move as it was to close to Halo: Infinite launch anyway. We got plenty games out now and coming before years end.

boing113d ago

You can still pay it. Just pre-order. :P

thesoftware73013d ago


Typo, that did make me laugh for real though. I was sitting here like, wtf he talkin bout?

EvertonFC13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Or buy something else and play it now lost in random, Kena, deathloop, Greek, golf wastelands,, oxenfree, hades, returnal, ratchet etc etc?
Loads of great games about why wait till nxt year I'm sure they'll have another £70 by then?

boing113d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Last three months of this year and first three months of next year are f***** mental with amount of games and movies I'm interested in so it's fine by me. I'll go broke for sure either way.