Top 5 Villains That Should Appear in Marvel’s Wolverine

Sirus: We have listed down 5 possible enemies that Wolverine might face in Insomniac’s new game project.

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Viking_mo42d ago

I think the Hulk was being teased. Theres an easter egg in the trailer, a number plate or something. If you google that, it's a marvel issue of wolverine vs hulk

camel_toad42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I wouldn't mind part of the story involving Wolverine having his mind F'ed with to the point where he is fighting some of the former or current x-men. Ya know, thinking they are the enemy. He never really got a long with them in the first place anyways. :)

It would be fun to fight them for a bit.

Knightofelemia42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Omega Red and Victor Creed for sure I also would mind fighting Lady Deathstrike I wonder if Silver Fox will appear in the game. Would also love to see Alpha Flight Cal Dodd has to come back and voice Wolverine he is a very good Wolverine from the old 90's cartoon.

Kratos_Kart200742d ago

I agree 100%...I'm hyped for this game...My favorite character.

Deathdeliverer42d ago

4 out of 5 in the article should, and will almost assuredly be in the game. If magneto is in the game though all players should get is a game over screen.

medman42d ago

I think Kratos and boy should show up........

KillBill42d ago

I think they need to stay away from his origin story for the first game. Save that for a DLC or later prequel. So no Abraham Cornelius and they can start the game in Canada and maybe toss in a beautiful opening confrontation between Wendigo and the Hulk but feel they need to venture out of the Western cities and move to his stomping grounds in Japan. So Clan Yashida story line and more a Tokyo vibe. Silver Samurai and Lady Deathstrike are obvious choices. I think bringing in Ogun as an overlaying theme where he is turning his friends against him can introduce a few other Marvel heroes as combatants. Tomi Shishido (Gorgon) and the Hand would allow another group to battle instead of just a single Clan Yashida.

I think save Sabretooth for a Wolverine 2 like lead in at the end. One of those step out of the dark moments where we see him reference Logan and how he has some unfinished business with him and the fade out.

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