Sony Bend Studio's New Game Teased By Hermen Hulst, Features A 'Great New Concept'

SIE Bend Studio's new project is hiring again, and will feature a 'great new concept,' according to PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst.

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blackblades13d ago

Features a great new concept bruh come on.

RaidenBlack13d ago

How about an open world Syphon Filter?
That'd be something new.

badz14912d ago (Edited 12d ago )


you want them to butcher Syphon Filter like Ubisoft did with Tom Clancy games?

RaidenBlack12d ago

You're comparing Bend with Ubi?
And this concept was somewhat already tried in SEGA's Alpha Protocol in 2010. Though it wasn't much success due to rushed development. But it was wayy before Ghost Recon Wildlands.

bouzebbal12d ago

Tired of these teases.. Everyone wants Days Gone seqieæ

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porkChop13d ago

We already know that Sony passed on a Days Gone sequel.

EvertonFC13d ago

They actually said NO to the studios pitched idea not NO to days gone having a sequal? Maybe one day it'll get a second game and certainly can't rule it out but looking fwd to this new game for sure great studio 😊

camel_toad13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I'm just glad they didn't close shop after Days Gone. It's really underrated and I want to see what they can do next.

EvertonFC13d ago

Yep agree also Sony never said NO to days gone 2 they just said NO to the studios pitched idea of DS2 and going off the MP co/op vibe they pitched I'm glad Sony said NO.
I just want the same massive open world single player story continued tbh

moomoo31912d ago

The PC release prob made enough money back to keep them afloat. Dangerous territory when ur 5-yr triple AAA game has avg scores and sales on release. I want to try it just havent found time yet.

EvertonFC13d ago

New concept ffs get it together fella 🙄

Atticus_finch12d ago

We are going to get DG2 before this gen is over I will hope. But this game isn't it.

Neonridr12d ago

that would be a terrible "new concept"

Santouryuu12d ago

@RaidenBlack that was made by obsidian. That's their trademark :D
I'd play a more polished version of that!

Flewid63812d ago

Tell us you didn't read the headline without actually telling us you didn't read the headline....

Thundercat7711d ago

Looks like you couldn't even read the title.

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Rimeskeem13d ago

I remember Days Gone's reveal and how the media and people were like "it's just another zombie game, lame". Days Gone is still one of the most underappreciated games of last gen. Now it seems that the devs want to try something completely new cause of dumb people who probably never played the game.

got_dam13d ago

Loved it. Live in the region. Don't see that part of the country in media very much

neutralgamer199213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Exactly when announced people called it bland and boring and now that Sony gave bend another chances to do a new IP people wants DG2

Army_of_Darkness13d ago

Just a bunch of entitled whinny B*tches

TheRealTedCruz12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

This is me trying to be fair and objective.
The game sold decent enough. The game reviewed decent enough. But the majority isn't clamoring for a sequel.
I liked the game, but I would rather them try their hand at something different.

A lot on N4G may want a sequel, but many on N4G treat the game as this biased travesty that didn't get its dues, simply because it happened to be one of those Sony backed projects that didn't resonate with people, and got below the reviews Sony exclusives typically get; blaming just a handful of reviews calling the guy a cis white male to blame, when there were multiple stumbles in the overall design, and was buggy even when I played it at multiple patches post launch.

There's definite talent in the studio. It's probably better for them using it towards a new idea.

neutralgamer199212d ago


It was Sony bends first attempt at a AAA console game in a while so I think whatever they are working in next will be better and more polished. But your points are valid

frostypants12d ago

Most reviewers didn't play beyond the first three hours or so, and it showed.

neutralgamer199212d ago

Most reviewers rarely play games till the end

Atticus_finch12d ago

I don't see how you can rush a game in a few days and enjoy. I always have to take my time.

F0XH0UND92212d ago

I agree. I played and beat Days Gone 2 times and had an absolute blast both times. The story, while not amazing, was very good and engaging. The leveling and upgrade system was expansive and refined. The gunplay was polished. Hordes were an amazing dynamic to the game. The motorcycle aspect of the game was where it truly shined. As a motorcycle enthusiast myself, it was really fun getting to upgrade and outfit your bike and cruise around the world with non-stop encounters to keep you engaged.

A few minor gripes with character development, lack of player outfit choices, and repetitive scenery were the only issues I had. I wish the game had some more urban areas to explore instead of mostly just counyside and forests. Some clothes options and story refinements would have also pushed further. I would give the game a 9.2/10. Extremely addicting imo.

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darkrider13d ago

Bend studio evolution with days gone was huge. It's a good studio. Let's see what's coming

badz14912d ago

and Days Gone is a great game

BLow12d ago

Exactly. For their first time developing a console game, I say they did a fantastic job. I really liked DG. Looking forward to what they do next. And since they used Unreal engine 4 last game, I'm guessing they're gonna use 5 for this new one. We are in for a visual treat. Can't wait....

got_dam12d ago

Bend used to make playstation games.... and vita games. If anything, this is the first time they made a game that was on anything BUT Sony consoles.

repsahj12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

...i love bend studio, golden abyss is my fave psvita game! Hoping to play days gone one day. So im looking forward for their next game.

Pancit_Canton13d ago

Sony bend can easily surpassed Naughty dog. Days Gone >>>>> The Last Of Us Part II.

Naughty Dog went from Sony' Top developer to bottom developer.

The ranking from best to worst

1. Insomniac Games
2. Sucker Punch
3. Guirrela Games
4. Sony Bend
5. Naughty Dog

northpaws13d ago

He just need to quickly put up a list to show how much he hates naughty dog, he doesn't care what is in 1-4.

PS-Gamer-198613d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Ssm should be right in the top 3 imo!

CantThinkOfAUsername13d ago

I hate how the story went in The Last of Us 2, but it's a technical masterpiece and its gameplay is something out of a movie, the writing doesn't take that away. They're still PlayStation's top Dog.

isarai12d ago

That's what annoys me, you dont like the story? I respect that, it's cool. But everything else about the game, from graphics, to attention to detail, and by god the gameplay was in every way shape and form better than the original. Such a snappy, fluid, satisfying set of mechanics. To deny that is just childish

Brutus8313d ago

Just because the story didnt go the way you like it, doesnt mean its not a good story. TLOU and Uncharted make ND take the top spot

porkChop13d ago

Bro, if we're talking top 5 Sony studios then Bend isn't on the list. Sucker Punch, SSM, Guerilla, Insomniac, and Naughty Dog.

Bend are talented and have made some good games, but they are not quite on the level of any of those other teams yet.

CaptainHenry91612d ago (Edited 12d ago )

What's funny and interesting is that they use to be in the top 5 back in the PS1 and PS2 era with Syphon Filter

outsider162413d ago

Whoever is on that list..lucky for PS fans, they can play all those.

TricksterArrow13d ago

Just because Joel died they went to bottom tier?

AshleeEmerson12d ago

Lol, that's a crappy way to (intentionally) spoil it for those who haven't played it yet (don't know what they are waiting for).

NukeDaHippies12d ago

Well, i'll certainly agree that TLOU2 sucked. Not only was the story crap, the game was just dull and boring. I still don't think the whole studio needs to be thrown to the wolves over it.

But, Neil Drukkman is delusional and thinks his game was flawless and ignored all, it's possible anything he directs in the future, will show nothing learned from TLOU2.

F0XH0UND92212d ago

Dull and boring? Lol TLoU2 has some of the most memorable action and stealth sequences in video game history. Also, where did Neil say the game was flawless? The whole studio thrown to the wolves? For making the most awarded game in history? You're delusional and obviously has your feelings hurt by the game lol

NukeDaHippies11d ago

@F0XH0UND922 That's funny, there's no part of TLOU2 that stood out as memorable to me. That's the real problem, the game made me feel nothing. Dull and Boring remember? Next to Kingdom Hearts 3 it was one of the most boring "kept playing to say I finished it" experiences ever.

The first game was such an icon, it's amazing how much of a joke 2 was. I said I don't think they need to be thrown to the wolves and Neil IS that kind of guy, he's not worth jumping to his defense. "Most awarded game in history", now that's a true delusion. The only thing impressive about the game is how much people simp for it.

AshleeEmerson8d ago

You comedians are getting better by the day...

Yes, the game is controversial but cmon this game is a masterpiece where it matters the most: Gameplay. Flawless, no but as close to it as any other game out there in its niche.

NukeDaHippies7d ago

AshleeEmerson I'm pretty sure I called the game boring. Encounters just got so samey and tiresome. Especially didn't help to restart progress halfway through the game making it feel like you wasted your time searching every nook and cranny earlier. It's the first game in a long time i put the game on ultra-easy cus I simply stopped having any fun with the gameplay partway through and just wanted to finish it off.

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AshleeEmerson12d ago


Naughty Dog is still number 1. Go back and play TLOU2 on PS5 and tell me there's better gameplay, acting, presentation, graphics and detail in another game... I'll wait.

Yes, this is definitely your opinion but... It's obvious if you either don't own a PS console or don't get games.

They are definitely not at the bottom. If there's one developer who has and can set the standards it's Naughty Dog.

I don't have to tell you this but just watch how their PS5 exclusive game (which I'm sure it will be) shuts sh** down but... I don't have to tell you this.

Teflon0212d ago

While it's amazing. Ratchet and Clank beats it out graphically, and presentation. Detailing its specific style game yup, but graphical detail ps5 games are beating it. I'd say Miles on ps5 has the most impressive attention to character detail after the muscle deformation update. My point is while it was an amazing masterpiece that holds up even in the new Gen. It's not impressive on a technical standpoint on current Gen. For ps4 absolutely though. And the game does look nice on ps5 for sure. But it's just how it goes with new gens. Was the same for the first one. Amazing technical masterpiece but compared to ps4 games it wasn't a big deal. The game was just that good though. That's the same situation here

NukeDaHippies11d ago

Well the easy answer is God of War....But the problem is TLOU2 isn't very good. How pretty it was, is somewhat subjective. I didn't get wow'd by it's presentation compared to other games of that generation. You can brag about the acting all day, but it doesn't mean much when they all play forgettable/boring characters in a poorly written story.

The only time there were likable characters on screen was when you see the younger Ellie and Joel scenes. I would maybe even say I sort of liked Abby, but that's cus they make everyone else so unlikable (Especially Ellie)....oh and fat pony tail guy at the end lol

CaptainHenry91612d ago

You spelled Guerrilla wrong 😂

WillyC00912d ago

Lol, look at this snowflake. Still upset about Last of Us 2 being a phenomenal game huh?

Atticus_finch12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Even if you dislike the story. Everything else is way above 99% of games. Script, graphics, animations, sound, acting and Gameplay are some of the best ever made.
I like DG but no my dude. If you didn't like TLOU2 because of the story than you should hate DG. The story was trash.

F0XH0UND92212d ago

By far the most clueless take on video game developers I've seen in a long time. Naughty Dog has established themselves as one of, if not the, best game developers in history. The fact that your feelings were hurt by TLoU2 does not discredit all the the critical acclaim and game awards that Naughty Dog has earned. However, it's your right to have that opinion; as childish and misguided as it is.

AshleeEmerson8d ago

Just looking for that "fully agree because this obviously makes complete sense" button.

His opinion is misguided and he has to have never played their games. I'm really not trying to bash him but we as gamers, regardless of how biased should at minimum recognize the genius creations they put in our hands.

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