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The concept for Deathloop is simple on paper; you have a single day to kill all 8 targets (known as Visionaries) to break the loop. Your targets are Julianna Blake, Dr. Wenjie Evans, Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey, Fia Zborowska, Ramblin’ Frank Spicer, Egor Serling, Harriet Morse, and Charlie “F***ing” Montague. Each target has its own habits, weaknesses and it is your job to get as many as you can in a single place so you can deliver the killing blow. But, in order to understand how you are going to track and trap your targets, you will first need to understand how the loop works.

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Magog564d ago

Perfect reviews just keep pouring in for this PS5 exclusive. 😍

ActualWhiteMan564d ago

Its on PC and its only timed PS5.... 🙄

roadkillers564d ago

Isn't it funny that Sony payed for the time exclusivity, but all that money went into Microsoft's pocket..

ElvisHuxley564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Yeah, but to be fair to Xbox, we now consider console exclusives to be exclusives. Otherwise Xbox has none.
@roadkillers Why do so many Xbox fans act like MS shareholders? It's weird. I think we've established that MS's ability to throw large amounts of money around hasn't been able to do anything about their consistent 3rd place position, so I'm not sure why gamers worry about their net worth so much. But hey, if you are a shareholder, congrats? Their stock is probably a safe investment.

Magog564d ago

@roadkillers they paid for the exclusivity before Microsoft bought Bethesda so actually it was part of the purchase price that MS paid for Bethesda.

mikey15564d ago

roadkillers3h ago
Isn't it funny that Sony payed for the time exclusivity, but all that money went into Microsoft's pocket..***

Er Bethesda is publishing Deathloop.. They will be paying Sony 30% to host the game on PSN + press the disks onto Bluray via their Digital Audio Disk pressing plants

care to show where MS's BR pressing plants are??

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pietro1212563d ago

It'll come out to Xbox eventually in a year or two.

ActualWhiteMan563d ago (Edited 563d ago )

1 year and it will likely be free on Game Pass, Ill wait. I have a PS5 but don't need this game at full price. Too many other games coming out.