The GameCube at 20: remembering the invigorating boundaries of Nintendo's magic box

Christian Donlan: "The GameCube, in its modest, self-contained way, will always be the last offline console to me. More than anything, that's how I remember it, and that's the special place it holds in my head. The last console that was a mysterious series of places in its own right - places with firm boundaries."

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whitbyfox33d ago

Loved that satisfying click when you put the mini disks in.

TGG_overlord33d ago

And that intro song that plays everytime that you boot-up the Gamecube :3

ZeekQuattro33d ago

R.I.P Norm McDonald. I liked how when you held certain buttons you got a different boot up sound for the system. I'll never forgot fighting 99 waves of T.I.Es in Rogue Leader. That was a hectic few hours. I also have to bring up Eternal Darkness. Sometimes late at night I would forget the game likes to fuck with you. Be it a shit ton of enemies randomly appearing or thinking I was in a new room only to notice I'm walking on the ceiling of one I previously entered. Lol