Molyneux hints at Fable II digital release

Peter Molyneux has hinted that Fable II could be made available as a full digital release on Xbox 360.

The Lionhead Studios boss refused to confirm any concrete plans, but told "I think it would be a great thing for this studio to work on."

Pressed on whether there were already plans for the critically-acclaimed RPG to be made available over Microsoft's Live service, Molyneux said: "I can't say anything else on it – I would be killed to death."

Microsoft, which already offers full original Xbox titles for download via its Marketplace service, has never formally revealed intentions to make full retail 360 titles available, but industry watchers have long predicted this could happen later in the console's lifecycle.

Molyneux's enthusiasm for a digital release comes after the success of the original Fable, which was made available for download on 360 earlier this year as part of the Xbox Originals range.

"It did really, really well," he revealed. "It was one of the highest selling, if not the highest selling, [Xbox Originals title]. I didn't track that exactly, but I know a lot of people got very excited about it when it came out."

Fable II released in Europe on October 24 and topped the UK charts after its opening weekend.

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meepmoopmeep3599d ago

is there a size cap for DD games on Live?
or is this only applicable to the micro games?

TheBrit3599d ago

They already have a bunch of xbox 1 originals on there that blow that cap away :)

deeznuts3599d ago

I'm playing Fable II right now. It's pretty damn addicting even though I haven't played an RPG Since Final Fantasy on Super Nintendo.

But, isn't it already digital?

candystop3599d ago

Yes it's already digital from the disk bu now there talking about not needing a disk and playing it digitally through the Hard drive after downloading it.

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