NVIDIA Responds to GeForce NOW Database Leak, Says List Included 'Speculative Titles'

NVIDIA has released a comment to Wccftech about the GeForce NOW database leak, saying the list includes 'speculative titles'.

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LordoftheCritics13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

OOf thats what you call a leak.

hmm how much popcorn am I gonna need...

Orchard13d ago

Mhmm, sure they are speculative.

VersusDMC13d ago

Yep. Bayonetta 3 is on that list...Nintendo is releasing on PC everyone! Let the speculation run rampant and without logic.

Geforce now is getting a lot of free press from you guys...good job.

Orchard13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It's not impossible that B3 comes to PC...

Sega published B1 on non-Nintendo platforms including Windows.
B2 was published by Nintendo
B3 has Sega involved again... could just be for original IP rights though.

Even if these titles were speculation by Nvidia, they would need to have some reason to believe B3 may come to PC ;) Otherwise why not just list Mario etc in there too?

VersusDMC13d ago

Hideki kamiya said bayonetta 3 will get show when Nintendo wants it to be show...seems like Nintendo is in charge. First party Switch PC ports's not impossible, right?

All the Nintendo games will be 60fps on the Valve handheld. Can't wait.

FlameWater13d ago

Sony fans have not responded because they're still on the floor after they fainted XD

Darkborn13d ago

From what? We don't know if any of these games are being released on pc. Some games were being streamed for development during covid and still are. Yes, some PS games will release on pc, but not day and date and I don't think and current ps5 games are yet.


"Yes, some PS games will release on pc, but not day and date and I don't think and current ps5 games are yet."

Let's assume these games DID appear on PC day and date, how does that affect PS5 gamers? In my mind, Playstation games on PC means more revenue for Sony...hence more funding for studio acquisitions and sequels.

neutralgamer199213d ago


They won't become Sony still wants to sell hardware and plus subscriptions. We will see older games get ported to PC but if anyone thinks we will start to see day one releases on PC than they don't understand how Sony runs the playstation side of the business. And to answer your question it doesn't affect anyone but this applies to so many things not just games. If Ms decides to make next fallout MP how would that affect Xbox fans enjoyment? Yet we would still see meltdown. You can't control how people feel about certain things

Sony has no issue selling hardware and have the market share. Ms on the other hand are being outsold once again 2-1 and that's with supply shortages. People were freaking out over wolverine being exclusive and by people I mean Xbox fanboys


Anyone whose surprised by any of this has their fanboy goggles on. We've been telling Sony fans this would be happening for the longest.

Jim Ryan is a profit first guy. He doesn't care about the feelings of online console warriors, he just wants your money. The day will come when Playstation games will launch on PC Day 1 and the same people who cry about it will still buy Spiderman 3 and God of War 3.

Darkborn13d ago

He's been head of playststion for a couple years now. Why aren't all the current and upcoming Sony games announced for pc then or already released for it? Nixxes is a small porting studio that does more than just PC ports of games. They helped GG with killzone shadowfall and a few other studios with just optimization. I've never seen killzone shadow fall on pc.


@Darkborn My suspicion is that shareholders saw the additional revenue that came from MLB The Show on Xbox and said “Why can’t we do this with ALL our games?”. Jim Ryan has probably been weighing the pros and cons of releasing PS games on other platforms, but MLB The Show proved that it’s a good idea long-term. That’s why you’re seeing this push to bring games to PC all of a sudden.

Extermin8or3_13d ago

Jim Ryan has literally stated as has Herman Hurst they have 0 intention of day and date bringing titles to pc when it's a first party studio title. That select games would come to pc a minimum of 2 years after their pc release often longer. Atm they outsource the work to third party trams but it appears they have bought one. Yes one studio to handle porting games to pc. So at most I'd expect 1 or two titles a year assuming some of the work is still outsourced. We have uncharted next spring (even that is rereleasing on ps5 before pc). I could see another older title coming end of next year. Potentially the uncharted collection or infamous second son. My money is on the latter what with rumours of a potential new infamous game coming in a couple of years time. Equally I guess God of war could launch on pc about the same time as the sequel releases on ps4/ps5.

Levii_9213d ago

Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo 7 ? The new God of war that's not even out ? Are you people serious ? 😂

The only thing i believe might happen in the near future is God of War 2018 possibly releasing on Pc.

Jin_Sakai13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

“Sony fans have not responded because they're still on the floor after they fainted XD“

Umm ok. How does this affect me playing PlayStation games on PS5?

TheRealTedCruz13d ago

We're going to pretend there's not a bunch of fanboy tribalism had here on N4G?

I remember the vitriol had when Sony created a Steam profile.

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Viking_mo13d ago

Tekken 8? Kingdom hearts 4? Bayonetta 3 on Pc? Yeah definitely fake

Darkborn13d ago

Maybe not fake. Devs are streaming these games during covid for dev builds to be tested and worked on.

Orchard13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

"Devs are streaming these games during covid for dev builds"

I have never seen a game be streamed due to COVID. If a PC build exists, why would you not just run it locally on your PC rather than stream it?

Iteration times will be 10x faster locally also since you won't have to upload a build to Nvidia servers.

That being said, I don't think this leak is fake, it seems unlikely those titles were made for any purpose other than developing and ultimately releasing on PC.

VersusDMC13d ago

If bayonetta 3 is on that list it is definitely fake. At least that there will be a PC port.

FinalFantasyFanatic13d ago

Some of these games on that list are too good to be true, there's no way it's real, we wouldn't have such good luck.

Eidolon13d ago

Damn, good list. Hope the ones I care about aren't the "speculative" ones.

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