Translation of Kojima's Policenauts nears completion

JunkerHQ announces the completion of their long-awaited English Policenauts translation project.

While some Metal Gear series fans are aware of the existence of Kojima's older, more obscure cult classic games 'Snatcher' and 'Policenauts' (and even fewer have played them), the staff at, a niche Kojima game website, are fandom experts of the highest degree (even we at TUS find ourselves asking for their advice on certain stories). Although Snatcher, a cyberpunk adventure game remeniscent of science fiction films such as Blade Runner and Terminator, was released outside of Japan for the Sega (Mega) CD, his final game before embarking on the creation of the now blockbuster Metal Gear Solid series, Policenauts, has never been playable in English.


Avid Kojima enthusiasts and the minds behind JunkerHQ, Marc Laidlaw and Artemio Urbina (along with other notable staff, such as TUS' own Alex "Snake Plissken" Lombardi), have announced the completion of their multi-year English Policenauts translation project with the launch of "", an offshoot of JunkerHQ.

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