What Marvel's Wolverine Teaser Could Mean For Insomniac Games And Their Future On The PS5

Curry writes, "Insomniac Games has done it again with their newest announcement trailers that they showed during the PlayStation showcase event. Fans may not have been expecting any surprise games such as Marvel’s Wolverine, but lo and behold, that’s exactly what we got. With the unveiling of Marvel’s Wolverine, it may be safe to assume that Insomniac Games has big plans for their games on the PS5 console.

Without a doubt, Wolverine and Spiderman are two of the most popular Marvel characters you'll come across in the Marvel Universe. You’ll be able to find many red and yellow costumes on a cloudy fall night during Halloween any given year, which speaks volumes about the connections fans have to these two prominent characters.

So, what better way is there to kick off an MCU-style video game series than to use these two fan-favorite superheroes."

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CaptainHenry91614d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Their future will be to make great *games* for Sony and their fans like they have always done and they're doing a great job at it. Kudos to Insomniac

TheExecutioner14d ago

it means it will be like MLB show where sony was forced to publish the game on another platform :)

2moda5gamer13d ago

MLB is a special case where are great chunk of the sports fans are on the competing brands system.
For a sport thats followed realistically only in one country - it's of great pressure and profit to do so. Internationally no one cares about baseball, like no one cares about cricket in Northern American (for example).

As for Marvel, international markets are all together quite strong, so this is less of an issue/ pressure for Sony to go to Xbox. Granted - I think a PC release for the original Ps4 Spidey is going to happen before Ps5 Spidey to help tempt those to jump on the console for it's sequel.

Whatever Insomniac do - I'm sure they'll do fantastically. The pressure will be much higher now than it was ever before - but I'm more than confident they will rise up to it.

TricksterArrow12d ago

You mean kinda like Minecraft?

TheExecutioner12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

At some point, Marvel will be requesting to expand it to different platforms. @2moda5gamer suggested PC ports which makes logic considering First AAA titles start ported to PC.

darkrider13d ago

It's means marvel knows which is the best partner to put their I.p. And have more profit. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand. Number one on the market and the one that sell more software by a Huge margin this Gen. Again huge.

ocelot0712d ago

I think if wolverine is a massive hit and I believe it will be. I can see Marvel offering Sony/Insomniac Deadpool or Captain America.

kimbomma112d ago

I'd rather see Insomniac tackle a Black Panther game. There would be so much they could do with that lore and the various landscapes would be perfect for open world exploration and traversal. And not to mention all the cool upgrades they could have via the advanced Wakandan tech and vibranium alongside the mystical elements of Bast the panther god.

I love Captain America but a Black Panther game done right would be far more ambitious and compelling imo.

medman12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I agree with you and disagree with you because I think a wolverine game will be incredible. But I would love a Black Panther game and Captain America would be cool as hell too. Hell, I'd like to wreck a city as Hulk. Bring them all. The more the merrier.

kimbomma16d ago


I agree the more the merrier, but if I could only choose one more to be made I'm definitely gonna need a Black Panther game the most.


Even though they will make a great game with any ip, I hate to see them pulled away from focusing on original games. I was very disappointed with the wolverine announcement for this reason alone.

kimbomma112d ago

You say that as if they've made any notable "original" AAA IPs in the last decade outside of Sunset Overdrive. I feel like they were kind of struggling to find their next big IP and Spider-man fell right into their lap solving that problem, because they've been living on R&C forever.

They should definitely bring back Resistance at some point tho!

ShadowWolf71212d ago

They've not been "pulled" from anything. The Wolverine game was their idea, man. They pitched it to Marvel themselves during Spidey's development. They're doing exactly what they want to do right now.

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