PlayStation Showcase 2021 was more than worth the wait

After a year without a major showcase, PlayStation came out with an incredible showing that included Marvel, Star Wars and God of War.

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smashman98127d ago

I disagree. It was a solid show but sony usually does better.

enkiduxiv127d ago

Exactly. Sony has really had some impressive shows the last few years that put more emphasis on gameplay than most. I would like to see that return next year.

outsider1624127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

True. After GoW: R, i was waiting for that "one more thing"

Darkborn126d ago

I gotta agree. If they made it a 15 min showcase it would have been what they are usually like or close to it.

Flewid638126d ago

Yup. That's how good it was. Even when Sony doesn't perform at their best, they still blow it out the water

NeoGamer232126d ago

Agreed. I didn't see anything wrong with the show. They brought a nice mix of both third party and first party games.

But, at the same time there was no jaw dropping news. GT, GoW, and Spider-man 2 were all expected. The biggest surprise was a Wolverine teaser on the first party side. But, I see Wolverine as Spider-man with less platforming/web slinging and more on the ground hack n slash type battles.

Honestly, the biggest surprise for me was the GT release date. I was expecting it to be later because they are always really late.

Atticus_finch126d ago

Hard disagree.
It was a massive reveal and not talking about GOW, SM2 or wolverine. There was a wide variety of games that I want to play.

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Babadook7127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Yes. Worth the wait in that I was impressed. Not as good as their great e3 legacy by any stretch but still a nice bunch of games.

talocaca127d ago

I think unlike previous shows, everything they announced felt tangible....

After the wild ride that was Shenmue 3, FFVII Remake and the Last Guardian reemerging (one sucked, one was incomplete and the other one ok but a little dated), I understand why Sony is more cautious now.

We know GOW, Spiderman 2, Wolverine, GT7, etc will be great or at the very least good enough (but likely GOTY contenders).

Microsoft on the other hand announced projects that are extremely early in development and might even get cancelled (mostly CG teasers).

I'm pretty sure everything Sony announced (except maybe KOTOR) will be delivered to gamers in the next 2 years.

We are still waiting for Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 🙄

What baffles me is the lack of big hitters this holiday season 🤔 are we really waiting until February for Horizon?

Sayai jin126d ago

The show was pretty medi9cre until the last 15 min. The last 15 minutes were great.

Redfall has been in development for a while now.

Many have a huge backlog of games to keep them busy. Plus, Forza and Halo will be launching this holiday.

PurpHerbison126d ago

Played it way too safe. I want to want a PS5 but they aren't hitting it out of the park yet.

Destiny1080126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

its clear that sony are keeping their cards close to their chest, but we did get a taste of some future games, wolverine & spiderman 2, but we do have horizon zero dawn & gran turismo 7 close to releasing and there's a some others im looking forward to as well, Kena: Bridge of Spirits / Little Devil Inside / stray, and there's no shortage of games releasing in 2022 with the obvious ones being Forspoken / God of War