Insomniac Games Continues to be Sony Studio's MVP

Devin Rardin: I now consider Insomniac Games as my favorite studio among Sony-owned developers after the 2021 PlayStation Showcase.

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darthv7275d ago

After seeing them working on two Marvel games... Im really hoping they get some time to make a SSOD remake for PS5 that eventually leads to the long requested sequel.

CaptainHenry91675d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I'm sure they'll announce a remaster version of SSOD at the PSX event in December. That's what the leaks are saying. I doubt a remake though because they're to busy with SM2 and Logan.

leejohnson22275d ago

You think there is a psx in December? Feel like they did hold back announcements but with the games they showed being far out, not sure they would do another show within 3 months, hope I'm wrong though

CaptainHenry91675d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Yup because the source is from the same guy that's been right almost every time. Reddit user Air_Radiant was able to accurately predict the date of the recent PlayStation Showcase, as well as confirm the acquisition of Housemarque early. Now, they’re claiming that Sony has a new AAA studio in Japan to be announced later this year at the PSX event in December. He was also accurate about Horizon Forbidden West. Sony did update the trademark of PSX in June.

Christopher75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

SSOD remake seems pointless. It was a failure of a game in the market compared to their other games.

I definitely want them to have the choice to work on games they want to make and not just Marvel, but SSOD just doesn't seem the right option IMHO. They should do a Sucker Punch and come up with a new IP.

CaptainHenry91675d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I actually want them to reboot resistance but I don't think it did well enough in sales for them to do that.

darthv7275d ago

The game has done better than people think. It may not have been a sales juggernaut initially but it found a new resurgence on GP. And to get a remaster / remake with improvements and 60fps would be a great lead in to the sequel that IG had planned. MS were fools to pass on that one when it was offered to them.

Christopher75d ago

***but it found a new resurgence on GP***

I feel this is something you're telling yourself and not the reality at all.

darthv7275d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Sunset Overdrive: a run and gun with lots of rail grinding and crazy weaponry inspired by R&C

MetroidFREAK2175d ago

@Darthv72 Thanks for that. I know what that game is, just haven't played it yet

Inverno75d ago

Wonder what unrelated marvel games they're working on. They're definitely my favorite studio so far these past few years. One of the few that haven't forgotten their roots for sure

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Imalwaysright75d ago

Not just Sony's 1st party. Insomniac is one of the best studios in this industry and they don't do just great work, they also seem to bang out great games faster than pretty much any other studio in this industry and I don't remember seeing any controversy regarding their work environment.

PixelKnot75d ago

Not into the superhero genre or deeply excited about Wolverine, but its awesome that Insomniac is continuing to expand their catalog and finding great success with the Marvel brand so far.

Very happy for them.

TheDoomedGuy75d ago

They've done 1 full fledged marvel game.
They'll do great because they know how to develop good and fun games.

Wolverine seems to be heading towards a darker direction not yet seen from insomniac.

outsider162475d ago

Now if anyone from the Sony Studios helm a DC game?
Green Lantern
Superman(a bit hard tbh)

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