Genshin Impact Reaches New Sales Milestone

The game has managed to generate a total of a whopping $1.9 Billion in revenue solely on smartphones, an insane amount that gets even more surprising when one considers the numbers on PlayStation and PC.

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OtterX32d ago

I just can't get someone wanting to play this on a cell phone. The game's pretty good on console too though, so I guess more power to them as long as the games don't feel like cheap cellphone grabs.

nitus1032d ago

Playing Genshin Impact on the PS4 requires you to use a controller which allows you to switch rapidly between the four members of your party since each member should have a different attribute attack (example: "fire devastates ice").

Not sure how you can effectively fight using a smartphone especially when you have multiple enemies with some having different attributes such as "ice", "earth" (now you are in trouble), "lightning", "wind", "water", etc. Of course an important feature of the game is the ability to "glide" or "fly" using up-drafts and this is sometimes required during a battle.

cartoonx132d ago

i dont play on mobile but from what i played a little its very easy to switch characters, you just touch character avatar.
Also while these revenue numbers shows mobile, they still include a huge amount of pc players as me and many of my friends usually top up from mobile and play on PC. So saying that the numbers are just mobile is a incorrect.

Teflon0232d ago

Switching and basic mechanics are fine on mobile tbh. I play on PC mainly but I've played on my phone a few times defore deleting it since the game doesn't run great even on a S21 ultra.

Switching I easy, tap the head of the person you want. Only thing to get use to is the order changes as you tap them. I think the 2 big issues I had were the camera and aiming. I think people could get use to it. But it's weird, I can play honkai impact on my phone with no issues despite the same control patterns, but genshin just feels wrong playing on it