I can't wait to play around with the fantastical powers in Forspoken

Heather Wald: "I'm all too ready to wield fire, throw giant orbs of water, and dart across landscapes with finesse."

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masterfox84d ago

Me either cant effing wait!, that open world scenery strikes me the most and really want to explore that place!

jznrpg84d ago

Looks good . I have a lot to play already and Elden Ring and Forbidden West coming after Christmas I need to get those finished before I start Forspoken . Hopefully I make it in time but I’ll get it either way .

Lore84d ago

Can’t say that I agree. Am looking forward to FF XVI though

jznrpg84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

I’m excited for FF16 too . I think it’s cool that they got the director of FF14 to do it this time around . I have no idea when it will release but I’m anxious for news about it , I would guess 2023 but who knows maybe we get it next year .

Lore84d ago

If you rewatch the Sony Showcase live action trailer there is a part that teases FFXVI and shows the date “06-16” which is speculating some sort of announcement for that date. Hoping for a release date announcement for either that date or on that date announce the release for November 2022

Silly gameAr84d ago

An article that focuses on how cool it looked, and not dialogue? On N4G? Pinch me, I must be dreaming.