New PS5 Model Hands-On, PS5 Upgrade Pricing, Alan Wake, Quake Remasters

Digital Foundry : John, Rich and Alex reconvene for this week's DF Direct Weekly, talking about the new PS5 CFI-1100 model, whether Sony's $10 PS4 to PS5 upgrade policy is justified, plus discussing Alan Wake and Quake remasters!

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Orbilator13d ago

Good video, didn't slag of Austin but basically said his facts were sub par and not accurate. I didn't expect DF to call him out like everybody else has so this is as harsh as they would be. Rest of video is good to I guess.

PrinceAli13d ago

Austin ABSOLUTLEY has deserved this backlash from his peers because what he did and said was stupid!! It's as simple as that lool

blackblades13d ago

He deserves to be blaclisted as some whould say cancelled. Can't spit out crap like that and still be around.

PrinceAli13d ago

Tbh, i think blacklisting is harsh, people do what he did A LOT in the industry to get clicks and his opinion even if clearly seemingly is biased on the subject he is still a vastly knowledgeable person so he does offer insight base don experience.. In this specific scenario and realllyyy when his opinion certainly shows off blatant biased he deserves ALL the ridicule he gets from his contemporaries

Jin_Sakai13d ago

Austin got 93k likes and only 10k dislikes on a misleading video and In his follow up video basically defending his claims he got 80k like and only 5.8k dislikes.

Am I missing something? Either most people believe him or N4G is a huge minority going against his claims.

PrinceAli13d ago


It's Youtube, Austin has a HUGE fanbase they will ride for him forever, plus he has the benefit of Xbox fans that love the console war that have used his video for flame wars so hes getting additional support there, his video isnt gonna get dislike bombed in any meaningful way but the ridicule he's received has been loud and industry wide...

Saaleh13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

- sorry was confused between names.

blackblades13d ago

@Jin_Sakai @PrinceAli
Basically its like Trump and his cult. Things like this shouldnt keep happening its bad for the industry and bad for some people mental health. Blacklisted for awhile is good enough not that harsh.

hot4play13d ago

I unsubscribed from Austin’s channel after that 🤷🏻‍♂️

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VenomUK13d ago

'YouTuber' is not a qualification for science. If you're not an expert or professional in the field of engineering do not present yourself as one. The whole crazy thing about the Austin Evans debacle is that he has no expertise in this field yet he thought it was okay to make definitive statements such as the new PS5 being 'worst'.

I don't know anything above basic level concepts about how car engines work so I'm not going to make a YouTube video on a new Ford car reviewing it on if it runs hotter or colder than the last model. He opened up the PS5 and pretended to be an engineer when really he was a kid playacting. It was unprofessional and nobody is calling him out for it which means this will happen again.

Orbilator12d ago

Austin is full of crap and everybody knows it