Project Eve Studio Shift Up CEO Gifts Entire Staff PS5s for Successful Unveiling

Project Eve studio Shift Up CEO gifts the entire staff with PS5s for a successful unveiling, giving them all an early Christmas present!

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Nyxus42d ago

This was one of the best looking games at the PlayStation Showcase for me. Reminded me of Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden.

SullysCigar42d ago

It looks like Bayonetta 4 on steroids - which is awesome!

Army_of_Darkness42d ago

This game looks awesome and very bootyliciously promising! Heheh..
Anyone know if it's exclusive or multiplatform? Just curious..

MADGameR42d ago

Beyonetta WISH it was like this game.

CobraKai42d ago

Especially with her hair. Can you imagine current gen Bayonetta with cutting edge hair tech?

UltraNova42d ago

"This game looks awesome and very bootyliciously promising! Heheh.."

Isn't it weird the game and all involved in making it haven't been canceled by the internet for the dimining depiction of women yet? I mean where's the Kotaku/Polygon piece calling out these misogynistic devs??? :/

ElvisHuxley41d ago

@UltraNova That kinda thing seems to be becoming less popular. Seems like people are realizing that it turns people off and backing away from those sorts of narratives, thankfully.

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Traecy42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Agreed. One of the top video games to want to play out of the entire PS Showcase.

Jin_Sakai42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Guy buys entire staff of 260 PS5s. He’s clearly got connections.

Seems like a great CEO to work for! Game looks amazing.

Abnor_Mal42d ago

I see everyone mentioning Bayonetta and other games, which I definitely can see of course.

Yet I'm surprised no one mention Vanquish, like when she was going through the green and orange tunnel sequence.

Chevalier42d ago

The creator of Bayonetta is the same as Vanquish so that's not a surprise.

Seraphim42d ago

Astral Chain too. That starts with a shoot em up bike scene. I probably thought of that first as it's been so dam long since i last played Vanquished. But as Chevalier said, same developer. It simply looks like a badass game that Platinum would make and it certainly appears to use their formula.

This game was one of the highlights for me. Definitely looking forward to seeing more, getting a date and my hands on it. Just hope they deliver.

UltraNova42d ago

Vanquish...what a joy of a game that was. We need more games like that

42d ago

and the ass from Lara Croft! ;)

J-DARKnes42d ago

I started screaming thinking somehow we were getting bayonetta outside of the Nintendo switch lol but the game looks good, definitely keeping an eye on this one.

wolf58141d ago

Best a... ever created...itagaki must be jealous hahhaaaahaaaa

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Neonridr42d ago

no wonder people can't find any ;)

that's a nice surprise for all those employees.

gamesftw25042d ago

Damn the downvoters are butthurt haha.

Neonridr42d ago

it was only a joke :P

I was serious about the second part.

CobraKai42d ago

Right. I mean the little wink shoulda been a dead-ass giveaway

uth1141d ago

I wonder if they had to pay scalper prices?

Zhipp41d ago

It's kinda messed up, but my first thought when I read that headline was just "how??" How did they get their hands on that many PS5's? Who's their dealer?

Hellcat202042d ago

This game was severely overlooked at the showcase for obvious reasons but I loved it, looks bloody fantastic and will be a day one eventually.

dbcoops42d ago

What is the obvious reason? I guess it wasn't obvious to me, lol.

Hellcat202042d ago

Spiderman 2
God of War

dbcoops42d ago

That's a hell of a list but this game definitely looked good too.

Yui_Suzumiya42d ago

I'm not even interested in any of those big titles though.. But this definitely caught my eye!

Relientk7742d ago

That's really cool and generous of the CEO. Project Eve looks like a really sick action game. Definitely got Bayonetta and Devil May Cry vibes from it. Solid trailer.

excaliburps42d ago

I thought it was a Platinum Games title. I mean, it looked like a Bayonetta spin-off or something, which is good, I think.

Teflon0242d ago

Tbh, not a bad thing, but I immediately knew it was a Korean game and not platinum, but likely a dev that is looking to games like Nier Automata, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry as inspirations. Something about the styling is extremely Korean about it. Maybe the character design. Maybe the glossy look and lighting style. Maybe the colour choices etc. Don't know, but it definitely didn't feel like a platinum games title from watching, but something inspired for sure

isarai42d ago

Cant wait to play it, the industry is sorely lacking classic arcade style hack&slash games these days.

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