Home will launch in the "evening," says SCEE

SCEE's confirmed to VG247 that Home will launch tomorrow "evening," although a specific launch time isn't available as yet, a rep said this morning.

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Forbidden_Darkness3603d ago

Makes perfect sense, to make sure theres no troubles downloading it and whatnot, even though its going to take forever to download.

ravinash3603d ago

Shouldn't take that long.
There are loads of other games and demos that are quite big, so I wouldn't expect home to be much bigger than that.

Are_The_MaDNess3603d ago

but its making space (3GB) 4 other stuff like all the rooms in the future

GrieverSoul3603d ago

I think its ON on the afternoon because of the Timezone between Europe and the rest of the world. They are putting it at the same time for everyone.

Jackthepwnsaur3603d ago

its how GrieverSoul stated. its a small download, approx 77mb to be exact. Once you install it in the XMB, the App Locks 3000mb of space in your Hard Drive. In other Words, the stuff that you download within Home(Home Spaces, clothing, etc.) will be part of that 3000mb, Home Will not surpass 3000mb unless Sony increases the lock. The Home Spaces in Home will constantly update. so no worries.

thereapersson3603d ago

I think it'll take forever to download because everyone and their mother will be downloading it at once. This usually happens with big events on the PSN.

Anon19743603d ago

360 fanboys will now have to shift gears from "Home's never coming out," to "Home's just a chatroom/Second life ripoff" while the PS3 owners just sit back and enjoy their free online community.

ThanatosDMC3603d ago

Wow, there's not one troll yet on this topic! "Now that it's confirmed that it's coming out... what should i say next? 'You get what you pay for?'"

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strotee3603d ago

We should make a N4G group or something in Home. Feel free to add me. psn = strotee

kingboy3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Good idea ..add me kingboy

Are_The_MaDNess3603d ago

like the sound of that
what about a room that shows the top news?

PotNoodle3603d ago

For a proper clubhouse for N4G, i'll see what the prices are.

J8M7G3603d ago

Im in it but never seen any of the others...

Nineball21123603d ago

I didn't even think to look for a N4G clubhouse.

I'll be sure to try and find it next time I'm on!

Blackmoses3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I'll do the same. Add me Blackmoses11

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Zip3603d ago

we could make a paypal donation for a n4g club house xD

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3603d ago

I'm really looking foward to this to.
I Love the way SONY are adding Cool things to the PS3;)
Bring on 2009 ;-P

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The story is too old to be commented.