Star Wars: The Old Republic Powered by HeroEngine

GameDaily Writes: BioWare has licensed the HeroEngine from Simutronics to help develop its much anticipated Star Wars MMO.

In October BioWare and LucasArts finally took the wraps off their MMO project Star Wars: The Old Republic, much to the delight of BioWare and Star Wars fans everywhere. The game still does not have a confirmed release date, but today BioWare and MMO middleware firm Simutronics revealed that The Old Republic is being built on the HeroEngine platform.

According to Simutronics, "HeroEngine allows for development in real-time, enabling teams in different geographic locales to build the world and play the game live on the server simultaneously. Updates and changes to the game environment are instantaneous, negating the need for nightly builds and code crunching, which significantly reduces the notoriously long MMOG development cycle."

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