And The Home Marketing Onslaught Begins...

Kotaku Writes: We always knew Home was going to be heavy on advertising and corporate sponsorship. But this heavy this soon? It's a little unexpected.

Contained within the press release nailing down the service's launch were a number of sponsorship/marketing announcements. For games, for movies, for...contemporary French furniture.

Here's a rundown of Home's first batch of corporate tie-ins...

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Genesis53598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

So it's a bad thing to take marketing dollars when your customers receive the service for free? Katoku your a joke and a bad one at too.

3598d ago
kapedkrusader3598d ago I the only one that is thinking, "Oh snap, a free plane game!"?

hay3598d ago

Free plane game, free chess, free checkers, free pool, free bowling, free social application.

lil Titan3598d ago

is it really such a bad thing to advertise? i mean dont we already do that in the..get ready for it...REAL WORLD?! if Home is gonna look like Times Square soon...BRING IT ON so far they got a Red Bull airplane game so lets encourage that for some Affliction Clothing laser tag or Barneys New York golf i mean come on

SL1M DADDY3598d ago

I am inundated with ads left and right and pay 50 bucks a year for the Live service. When I turn on my PS3, I get no such ads and can launch into a game without ever seeing a single ad prior to. Somebody needs to ask Kotaku where their true journalistic abilities went off to 'cause for a while now they have absolutely sucked in terms of articles. If ads like these and advertising like this keep Home free, then great. There are so many more real issues to pitch a fit about that this advertising in Home thingy they have a beef with is only a showing of how pathetic Kotaku has become.

ultimolu3598d ago

They're assholes.
Kotaku: Always making a negative out of a positive.

I could care less what they say. I'm goin' Home tomorrow! :D
Well...I was in the beta but still...I'm excited.

whoelse3598d ago

OMG is all this stuff available at launch??

resistanceFAILofman3598d ago

tomorrow you'll still be in the BETA ... just open to everyone ...

Poirot93598d ago

I read one of the Home's releasing tomorrow, and it SAID that it was a world wide release, but then went on to talk exclusively about PAL and Europe areas... Is Home being released for EVERYONE, WORLDWIDE, simultaneously? As a Canadian, will I be going Home tomorrow too?

soljah3598d ago

btw guys remember what happened when everyone rushed to get socom/lbp and tried to go online. imagine the millions of users trying to download and go home tomorrow, please be patient for the first few days. remember this is just the start give sony and partners time get home up to speed.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3598d ago

Yeah for Months now i haven't been to that site( i never will go there to. It's sounding really cool tho 'HOME' open beta, can't wait;)

gaffyh3598d ago

@hay - free icebreaker and other arcade games as well. Also a free Home :)

acedoh3598d ago

Kotaku can take great news and try to make it negative... The people who have been making jokes about HOME for over a year won't have much to say. Who cares if there are advertisements. I love the extras and that will make HOME stand out. Advertisers will see how popular this becomes and want to advertise their products. People have a choice with HOME. They can either use it or ignore it all together. That's not something you can do with t.v. So I have no problem with seeing added content that advertises products.

himdeel3598d ago

How the heck did they expect this free software to be financed so that the consumers wouldn't have to pony up any additional funds to mess around with and use HOME? There is no such thing as free. Even the air you breath has a cost! While it isn't quite monetary, the cost is there.

Hell you can go on any website that claims to be free and be inundated with advertisements and GOD forbid you don't have pop-up blocker on when you traverse these so-called "free" websites. Perhaps the contributors on Kotaku should use some critical thinking skills or try to develop some before they put hand to keyboard in the future.

Kotaku's next article on the PS3 will be about how crappy it is that you have to plug the PS3 power socket it into the wall before it will turn on...

anh_duong3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

if there was no advertising in home, sony haters would be complaining about something else. this is the life of a typical fanboy: hate hate and more hate.

it's not like xbox live (a paid for service) doesn't contain adverts so stop hating. life contains adverts. n4g contains adverts and ironically kotaku contains adverts. tv contains adverts. even paid for cable contains adverts and paid for computer games contain adverts. why pick up on such a stupid point.

furthermore, when people get stuff for avatar wouldn't they want designer diesel/armani clad avatars.. clothes that they can buy in real life - not some crappo generic baseball cap.

AND FINALLY the whole point of home is to give ps3 users a new way to experience the products they can buy (clothing, fashion, tv shows, previews, minigames, trophies, game launching, forums etc etc).

to say that has too much marketing is like saying shopping malls have too many shops. so blindingly stupid it beggars belief.

Pixel_Addict3598d ago

Mc Donald ads galore! Are people b*tching about Sony NOT marketing enough? So now that they are, they are marketing too much... gezz if this isn't bias against Sony then everyone is taking crazy pills.

FantasyStar3598d ago

Like I said, Sony keeps their advertising inside Home and nowhere else. I consider that pretty good treatment on their part. If suddenly my XMB got littered with ads, then I'd see Kotaku's point, but ads in Home is very acceptable. McDonalds ads in Killzone 2 however, isn't.

I'm against In-game advertisements all-together, but I do tolerate some forms of it. EA's "dynamic ads" isn't tolerable: just an eyesore - Fortunately, this isn't what Sony's are like so I'm cool with it.

Home winz, Kotaku loses.

prowiew3598d ago

I hate the idea of home. My question is: When I turn on my ps3, home will appear by default? or is it gonna be a feature that you select and then enter home? I hope is the latter. This is too much second life for me and i cant stand it. French furniture!? wtf

GarandShooter3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

@ prowiew

You don't even know how Home launches from the XMB, but you know it's too much like Second Life, and that you will hate it? (by the way it launches from an icon on the XMB)

Home will be worthwhile for the extension it gives to multiplayer online games alone, even if the arcades and socializing don't appeal to you. How about watching live video feeds from various gaming events, which will lead to 'Home exclusive' content from said events? There is already a lot to be enthusiastic about, and a lot more to come. Approach it with an open mind, and try it out with your friends. You may be surprised.

prowiew3597d ago


You may be right. I hate the idea right now without playing with it. Maybe turns out to be good. But what I really dont want is going through home to form a party and play games. But I dont even know if is gonna be that way,.

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Johnny Rotten3598d ago

I can already predict what N4G will be like for the upcoming weeks and just wanted to say:

before ANYONE complains about marketing inside HOME I want you to take a good look at the Xbox dashboard. I know the 2 shouldn't be compared as thier 2 different experences but in this case I'm referring to the advertising.

Dragunov3598d ago

Advertising in a free service isn't that bad, but advertising in a service that you already paying is rubbish, you know what i mean ;)

Final_Rpg3598d ago

I always knew Kotaku was going to be heavy on criticizing Home. But this heavy this soon? It's a little unexpected.

Fishy Fingers3598d ago

I see what you did there :)

gumgum993598d ago

@ Final_rpg

LOL bubbles for the laugh

r3xmund13598d ago

very cool what you did there

nos4speed3598d ago

This is pathetic, if heavy advertising is what it takes to make the service free and continue to offer us great new features then fine by me. Plus its not like its just a load of pop-ups everywere saying buy this, it genuinely looks like a fun experience, I will be proud to have fun with this red bull experience and to endorse the product. If the advertising interests you then check it out, if it doesnt then dont, its pretty simple...

0verdrive3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

i completely agree

if it pays the bills, by all means go for it, sony. i mean its not like the advertisements are intrusive anyways. who cares if the plane you are flying says "redbull" on it. i work on the waterfront in san diego, and the redbull air races take place right outside of my work. there is a hell of a lot more ads in real life than in the game. really i dont see these ads are "intrusive" or "offensive" in any way, in fact i feel that they just make the world THAT much more believable. i mean, look at the REAL world, there is an advertising overload. home is just allowing companies to get their name out there, and at the same time emulating real life

i also wanted to point out that the red bull air races bring in a large amount of business into my work, although it is sponsored by redbull, its just cool, and many people come to watch the airplanes zoom in and out of the pylons. likewise, i think people should look at the redbull home space in the same light. it is going to bring people to home because it is a cool minigame, and should not be criticized because it is sponsored by redbull. instead, people should be thankful that redbull takes to time to provide the entertainment for free, be it real air race, or home space.

that being said, redbull gets to put its name out there, and home gets a free minigame. its a win-win situation.