Nintendo lowers price of base Switch model in Europe

Nintendo's basic Switch model is now cheaper in the UK and mainland Europe by around £20 ahead of the arrival of Switch OLED.

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EvertonFC43d ago

You can buy a ps5 digital for £90 more

EvertonFC42d ago

Yes, easiest pre order ever. I phoned the shop up the day of the reveal event and they said there taking pre orders tomorrow at 8am.
I wasn't a idiot who thought pressing a F6 refresh button during a global lockdown of a population of 8billion was going to get me a launch console.

roadkillers42d ago

Yeah, that would be idiotic... No ones getting a PS5 pressing F6, especially when F5 is refresh.

starsi36042d ago

Yeah but you’d be £90 worse off and wouldn’t be able to play Mario on the train.

wwinterj42d ago

The PS5 digital isn't portable like the Switch and £90 is a big difference to some folk. I'll also point out Switch games are around £40 or less. PS5 exclusives are around £60.

SoulWarrior42d ago

Skyward sword, a 10 year old 'remaster' launched for £50-55, mario kart 8, a port of a 7 year old game that released 4.5 years ago is still priced from £40-50, Breath of the Wild, a launch game is still priced at £40-50. I can buy GoW 2018 from amazong right now for £13.

I don't condone the launch price of PS5 exclusives and i find £60-70 ludicrous, but Nintendo are by far the worst for game pricing as a whole.

Nyxus43d ago

I actually paid €309 at launch because of a mistake by the webshop. :P

lonewolf1043d ago

Nice, got a good deal on a used one myself.

princejb13442d ago

no worries they will feel the burn when the steam deck is released.
i love my switch because i love playing in handheld mode but im selling the switch for the deck as soon as i can

the_dark_one43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

In France it went to 269€
And lite to 189

SoulWarrior43d ago

A whopping £20, wow so generous.

CDbiggen43d ago

I'm a Nintendo guy, but they can shove this "price drop" and that pointless OLED model up their ass.

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