PS3 Fanboy-Upcoming Home content shown at London media day

"Home will live or die on the strength of its quality." It was good to hear these words coming from Daniel Hill, Sony Europe's Director of Home, at a media day event in London. While Home's initial vision seemed ambitious and groundbreaking, what we've seen so far in the closed beta has been comparatively underwhelming. What was shown at the event, however, was some upcoming first- and third-party content that showed significant progress and potential."

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pwnsause3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Home is going to blow the doors down. All the promises of Home will come true now. Owners of other Consoles, have to give credit to that, and have to get a PS3 someday.

Capt CHAOS3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

How long have they been developing it now?

I just hope they got around to adding the things that the network really needed.. Parties etc.

"..and have to get a PS3 someday."

I'm not convinced (yet) that Home is a console seller.

pwnsause3603d ago

Home is not a system seller, I can agree with that, What I am saying in a way is people will start seeing what the Positive things of what the PS3 can do, which will eventually at some point would convince themselves to buy the console.

In terms of since when Home was being developed, Home was planned to be a PS2 project back in the day, but decided to put it on Hold till the PS3. the PS2 didn't had a HDD as standard, so it wasn't possible to do home on the PS2.

Home is one of the things that Sony has probably been waiting for so they can continue to expand the PSN (adding Cross-game invites, Cross-game chat, etc.). so yes, expect the PSN to get better after they introduce the Home Beta, everything will be coming into place.

resistanceFAILofman3603d ago

3D chat like secondlife ... but without the sex ... isn't all it's cracked up to be ....

gamfreak3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Please God don't grant pp any wish this christmas, cause he's gonna wish for a PS3 this holiday season because of HOME. He may sometime sounds like a kid with no brain, but believe me, deep down he really wishes he's a PS3 owner.

SONYSLAVE3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

yeah i'm sure you are a gamer while not spelling game right in your user name and being a sony defence farce c0ck rider that you are.

everyone is wanting to go back HOME.......... at ps2 lol

gamfreak3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I know you've always being wanting to support SONY but was ashame of yourself for being poor and can't afford a PS3 in real life, that's the reason you use the username as SONYSLAVE, but it ok we understand, and SONY will forgive you too, now don't cry you're a big boy now. You too want a piece of HOME....? Go get a FVCKING job. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

GrieverSoul3603d ago

Yeah, it looks good but Im afraid HOME will be like a game! Its nice for the first 2 weeks you bought it but then U move to something else.

Im sorry to say this, I love my PS3 but HOME wont be for me! I cant imagine myself at HOME two weeks from now! But right now I cant wait to get my hands on it!

Anyone feel me here? : (

SuperM3603d ago

Uhm well, yes and no. Home is going to be updated alot, so its going to be cool to come back and check new features. Besides i dont think im going to play Home as if its a game. Im not going to spend hours upon hours in there each day, so i dont really think im going to get tired of it that quickly.

jadnice3603d ago

I have a feeling Home will be available to all December 25th as a virtual gift to all PS3 owners. I don't think it will launch before then.

gamfreak3603d ago

Didn't it says December 11th already...?

Ronnie073603d ago

I have a feeling it'll be released on the 11th December. Not sure why..

PotNoodle3603d ago

By sony, to be launched tommorow.

MaximusPrime3603d ago

open beta releases tomorrow.
then it will be released as official release when it will be announced.

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