Why I'm Optimistic About Call of Duty: Vanguard

COG says: Let's not beat around the bush, Call of Duty: Vanguard treads familiar ground, however, Sledgehammer has refined the great mechanics and modes making the moment-to-moment gameplay an absolute joy but is this enough for you to purchase on release?

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sizeofyou41d ago

I'm not optimistic about a game that updates everytime I open it (and then restarts) - and then randomly (three times now) uninstalls ALL of the packs required for a different game in its eco-structure. Uninstalled Black Ops Cold War because it uninstalls Modern Warfare data that I tend to play with other people. And they've had the same issue as me, at different times. If Vanguard is part of that same structure which occupies well over a third of a PS5 hard drive...its a no from me..! 🙃

seanpitt2341d ago

It will be good in 6months time

Phoenix7641d ago

Thought it was only me that was having this issue. Have to keep DL'ing the multiplay files every few days now. I store MW on my external USB drive

sizeofyou41d ago

My MW is on an external.
I thought it was BOCW updates that were removing MW files. But friends don't have BOCW and they've lost them too. Don't known if it's Warzone updates that are in common? Either way, it's crp and persuaded me to give this a miss for the foreseeable future...