Games32: Need for Speed Undercover Review

Games32 writes: "Undercover is the last game of Need for Speed series (the 12th part actually), a game that bears from the start the negative effects of an extremely exploited product. I am a Need for Speed fan since NFS II SE, and I played all the games since then, but I felt a go-down tendency of the series (in terms of quality) since Need for Speed Underground 2. As the financial factor had to be increased, the quality decreased significantly with every episode of the modern era, started with Need for Speed Underground. Most Wanted was the first modern product to bring back the police and the shivers of a cop chase, first time present in Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit, and the in Hot Pursuit II. The game had a cheesy story that involved some cheesy acting scenes with real persons, which gave it a funny feeling becoming a popular product. After Pro-Street was nothing else but a failure in terms of sellings, but not necessarily in terms of new ideas and concepts, EA needed fast a new product to revive the franchise. After listening to the fans requests regarding a new kind of Most Wanted, EA decided to somehow emulate the original Hot Pursuit concept recreating a Most Wanted experience with a Hollywood touch in terms of actors and production. "

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