Xbox Series X|S vs Xbox One Sales Comparison - August 2021

August 2021 is the 10th month the Xbox Series X|S has been available for. In the latest month, the gap grew in favor of the Xbox Series X|S when compared to the aligned launch of the Xbox One by 264,251 units. The Xbox Series X|S is currently ahead by 1.68 million units.

The Xbox Series X|S has sold 6.93 million units in 10 months, while the Xbox One sold 5.25 million units. Month 10 for the Xbox Series X|S is August 2021 and for the Xbox One is August 2014.

The Xbox One did not reach current Xbox Series X|S sales until month 13 when it sold 8.38 million units.

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DJStotty32d ago

Still selling better than the Xbox one, and not only that increasing the lead.

Just shows how far Microsoft have come since the Xbox one launch fiasco.