PlayStation Showcase 2021 Proves Insomniac Games is a Powerhouse for Sony

Sony devoted a lot of its PlayStation Showcase 2021 to Insomniac Games, and for good reason, as the studio is gearing up to be the company's ace.

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Magog34d ago

They sure do seem to make a lot of games. Naughty Dog is still my favorite Playstation dev though and Guerilla is probably my second.

Iltapalanyymi34d ago

its such a shame they are on m*rvel's leash now, they can make really good games.

CaptainHenry91634d ago (Edited 34d ago )

You really believe Marvel will be the *only* game's they make now and the future.🤔😄

SenorFartCushion33d ago

it’s not like that. The industry is already going through what cinema has gone through with Marvel films I.e repeated form factor. AAA Games are already the same every time, be they colourful fortnight ripoffs, or number-based RPGs with health bars and damage numbers, full of microtransactions.

Marvel has made blockbuster cinema as uniform as gaming has made itself.

Teflon0234d ago

They just dropped Ratchet and Clank... clearly they're doing what they want.

Lionsguard34d ago

Yea because I'm sure being chosen to make games for two of the most popular Marvel characters in the world is such a burden that none of them wanted to do..

CaptainHenry91634d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Sony and Insomniac is making a lot of money on Marvel characters

medman34d ago

That's one luxurious "leash"

We should all be so lucky

BlaqMagiq133d ago

I mean they just dropped R&C Rift Apart after dropping 2 Spider-Man games. They're not being forced to. They approached Marvel with wanting to make Wolverine.

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Sayai jin34d ago

Insomniac had nothing to prove. They have been repeasing superb games for a while. Top notch dev. I only wish they would be allowed to make new fresh IP and not so many games in the Marvel universe.

medman34d ago

@sayai jin
If you're complaining about a new Wolverine game from a top shelf developer like Insomniac, you're doing it wrong, and perhaps you should put down the controller and take up knitting.

Sayai jin34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

@medman, your statement seems rather immature. Also, reading and comprehension is crucial. I already stated that Insomniac is a top notch developer I wish they would be allowed to let their imagination run wild an create a new IP. Not really a complaint, but a preference. That's where basic comprehension skills take place. It's called a different view point.

Knitting? Nah, I am retired and have all the free time to partake in all of my hobbies, mainly gaming. You need to catch a dose of reality. So go outside and touch some grass.

medman34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I just want the Wolverine game to be complete insanity, and I believe Insomniac will deliver that. I'm primarily hoping it will be a game that children will not even be allowed to watch, let alone play. Too brutal.

Ninver33d ago

Soon they'll surpass Naughty Dog with their consistancy and short development time.