Why Forspoken's Dialogue Seems Off-Putting to Some

While Square Enix's Forspoken generated excitement with its gameplay reveal, a number of people are dissatisfied with its spoken dialogue.

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Magog79d ago

It's made for Marvel fans and Zoomers.

Lightning Mr Bubbles79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

It's a little different, it's like a weird mixture of a fantasy RPG but blended in with something that seems like fans of the Twilight movies would of liked.

I don't want all games to be the same, so I'll keep an open mind and give it a chance. Who knows maybe this character will grow on us and we'll find out she has a deeper personally that meets the eye. And besides the gameplay and graphics look pretty sick.

SullysCigar79d ago

Definitely. I'm hoping they've just over-egged the character and dialogue for the sake of the trailer and misjudged it a bit.

Maybe that OTT sarky/'alt-cool' tone won't be so in your face when you're actually playing the game. I hope you're reading this SE, as everything else looks great!

gamer780479d ago (Edited 79d ago )

The graphics and gameplay looked great but the dialogue seemed a bit immature and lip sync was off like in an old game. Hopefully they can fix it since no release date was given.

Same for the KOTOR remake they hired a terrible writer and self proclaimed sjw fighting the patriarchy to rewrite the game… might end up being worse than the original.

MWH78d ago

Categorize them and they'll categorize you. The "them" are our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, they're of us and we are of them. This mad war game must end, it's stupid, that's what it is.

KingofBandits78d ago

its made for woke trash is more like it. This is just more "its HER turn" BS and the entire thing reeks of it. The dialog is terrible but the pandering is the worst offender. Watching this bomb on release is going to be hilarious.

MWH78d ago

The way things are heading today, it will be rather "celebrated".

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RaidenBlack79d ago

Trying to be too cool than it needs to be.
Keep it simple silly. Let the gameplay do the talking.

79d ago
Seraphim78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

that's my thinking. My initial thought, was, wtf, they trying to create a Miles Morales. It works in Spiderman. Or perhaps even other games/characters ala Deadpool. A game like Forspoken, to me, seems like it should take a more serious tone. Shit I got warped to another dimension I'd be freaking the F out, not cracking wise ass remarks. It's like they're taking an amazing idea and butchering it. I'll likely still gladly play it and only time will tell how it truly pans out once released but right now, not a fan.

GamingIVfun78d ago

At least she doesn't sound like a bitchy over critical gamer. The dialog in the trailer was just fine. So what if it sounds a little Spider Man movie like.

H979d ago

It sounds like the usual portrayal of what teenagers find cool, snarky comments and punchline

Christopher78d ago

*looks at most comic book movies*

Yeah. Teenagers.

Obelisk9279d ago

I mean... it's called forspoken...

Lexreborn279d ago

I have no problem with the dialog. I actually like it, it’s a vulgar teen that is thrusted into a fantasy universe and doesn’t seem to have a righteous complex.

She swears, she’s intrigued, she’s having fun.

Lore79d ago

It really didn’t sound the least bit “corny” to you?

Lexreborn279d ago

I’ve heard far cornier in other games.

generic-user-name79d ago

I don't think she came across as vulgar, if that's the angle people are going with they need to clutch their pearls harder.

I did however think she sounded like a Marvel movie character "I'm moving it with my FREAKING mind". Seemed pretty cringe.

Lexreborn279d ago

She’s cursed multiple times since she was announced. So Vulgarity is apart of that dialog. I really don’t understand the dislikes even if people wanted to say it’s “Marvel-like” that’s a co-relation that these people put into their own mind and space.

Again a modern teen popping up in a fantasy world isn’t going to have the dialog of the never ending story or the page master.

It is what it is, and I’m looking forward to it regardless.

TricksterArrow78d ago

Sounds like any other stereotypical teenager to me too. I guess gamers are getting old.

Lore78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

That I don’t disagree with, but I still critique it all the same. Since I was a child that whole aspect of being overdramatic and how this specific writing team has chosen to make her character is cringeworthy to me. It immediately made me go from “may give the game a try” to “hard pass or wait for PS Plus” because I won’t want to pay money to follow this chick on her journey. Made me grateful FF XVI isn’t too far behind it. To each their own though

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