Insomniac's Wolverine Game Has to Capture His Claws' Brutality

Marvel's Wolverine needs to make sure that it handles the brutality of Logan's claws correctly, or it risks dumbing down the character too much.

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victorMaje34d ago

After Spider-Man I trust they will deliver the essence of what it is to be Wolverine.

Glemt34d ago

"Insomniac's Wolverine Game Has to Capture His Claws' Brutality" Subject of the sentence: Insomniac's Wolverine Game. "His claws'" refers to subject. So the game has claws. This is why you have editors : P

Deathdeliverer34d ago

Personally I don’t need body parts flying all over the place (like they would be in real life). Give me a option for blood on/off and I’m good. A few good streaks of blood and some double fist impaling (which is basically a Wolverine staple) would be more than enough. Do NOT make me feel no different hitting people than robots.

Bathyj34d ago

Less X-Men, more Logan.

seanpitt2334d ago

Yes wolverine is for adults.. always has been, and Spider-Man is for the kids

TricksterArrow34d ago

They're both comic book heroes that had arguably the same demographic. Both had stories for mature audiences and also kid friendly ones, including daytime cartoons.

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