Star Wars: KOTOR and Dead Space Remakes Could Be Just the Beginning for Former EA IP

Two remakes of classic EA titles are currently in development, and their success could mean big things for some of the company's other older IP.

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Magog33d ago

Do they have any other good IPs? For as big of a publisher as they are I've played almost no games from them because they don't look appealing.

Knightofelemia32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

If EA owns the rights to Dante's Inferno, Brutal Legends, Alice Maddness Returns, Shadows of the Damned, there are some titles they have published that are good. But most of the shit EA pops out now is sports games and shooters.

Inverno33d ago

Sims 2 Complete remaster please

heribertomaya33d ago

my wife would die for this, 100%

moongrim33d ago

EA already said they have nothing to do with the KOTOR Remake. Do some basic research.

combolock33d ago

One of the people involved with the KOTOR remake hates KOTOR. What are the odds......

gamer780432d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Yah I’m surprised people aren’t noticing yet the story could be ruined, she’s full SJW who’s primary goal is to fight the patriarchy didn’t like KOTOR but loved the last Jedi…. Start preparing for a train wreck…

CyberSentinel32d ago (Edited 32d ago )


If it goes woke, I will pass.

Fortunately, I still have my physical copy.

Gravesinger_32d ago

That's not what she said loser, she said "KOTOR wasn't her favorite SW game".

BlaqMagiq132d ago

Look into eSports Boxing Club. It'll be better than Fight Night ever was.

sizeofyou32d ago

I will be keeping an eye on it...cheers... 🙃
Playing FN on xbox weekly still; just need a change!

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