Why Bayonetta Fans Should Keep a Close Eye on Project Eve

Bayonetta 3 hasn't provided many updates, so the newly updated action game Project Eve has an opportunity to steal a bit of its thunder.

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Terry_B39d ago

Its basically Bayonetta with the sex appeal of the first game anyway. Guess Platinum had to tone down that a lot because Nintendo.

septemberindecember38d ago

I don't think Nintendo asked Platinum to tone down anything. In fact, Nintendo asked them to increase the sex appeal of their Nintendo character costumes and they even partnered with Playboy to market the game.

DefaultComment37d ago

this is true, too bad people here dont read anything else other than this sad place.

RaidenBlack39d ago

More fan service than Bayonetta.

Magog39d ago

Instantly reminded me of Bayonetta. Bayo 3 is going to look much worse than this game given the low resolution hardware it is saddled to.

38d ago
repsahj39d ago

...looking forward to this game!! I'm already impressed with the gameplay reveal, just hoping that the story is also good.

talocaca39d ago

And unlike Bayonetta 3 this might actually come out in the foreseeable future...

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