First review: Logitech G13 Gameboard

Techradar review: Logitech has unveiled the first peripheral of its latest gaming range – with the G13 Gameboard aiming to put a brand new spin on an old concept and lure gamers away from their keyboards.

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Calcio3598d ago

Seventy five pounds
Seventy plus five pound
five plus seventy pounds
Whichever way you say it - it's still a LOT of money. Lovely - but wow that's expensive.

jamiemid103598d ago

Hopefully Santa will bring me one as I've been a good boy this year

gusto3598d ago

I am already totally awesome at TF2. I need no fancy keyboard to boost my skills ;)

Does look rather nice, though :)

SONYSLAVE3598d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

pc gaming sucks!

No xlx-russ_92 you are wrong:) Wii all the way mate

Ghoul3597d ago

fancy "enhance your skill" tools are so 90's

- buy a good mouse
- buy a good keyboard
- dont use any of this wireless crap.
- buy a gaming mousepad
- tryout mouseskates or silicon spray.

there is nothing better no matter how many of those fancy tools are "ivented"

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