Marvels Avengers Raid to Conclude Wakanda Storyline, Patrol Mode & Cloning Labs Not Coming This Year

Crystal Dynamics state that the Marvel's Avengers Raid will conclude the War for Wakanda storyline; Patrol Mode & Cloning Labs not coming this 2021.

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killbillvolume1240d ago

Those 5 people still playing this game are super hyped.

DaveZero39d ago

Don't know why you people do this, do you have the actual count for the game for active players lol. It's pointless it's as bad as being a fanboy.

I will say this they are super slow at releasing content and if numbers have dwindled then they should learn to be faster, there is nothing worse than a slow releasing content dev.

Sgt_Slaughter39d ago

Numbers, at least on PC, have been awful even at launch. Around 1,000 people are playing each day but that number continues to dwindle, with brief small spikes for content drops.