Gamer 2.0 25's Favorite Game Songs

Last week compiled a list of the best videogame songs that they themselves admitted contained no actual music that is propriety to videogames, underestimating the violence in words that videogame players could do against them. While Guns 'N Roses and Johnny Cash are transcendental artists, the list was grossly mislabeled.

Gamer 2.0 does not claim to have all of the answers. Music is a very subjective field that seems to reach people on a wavelength that cannot be explained. We might be able to explain the technical aspects. We might even be able to explain why it is harmonious and why we enjoy it. But to argue it, to pursue the pure quantifiable, seems to dilute the property more than it illuminates. So we asked the staff of Gamer 2.0 what songs seemed to them the most profound – a collection of well-regarded songs that also meant something to each individual. This says nothing about what others think - this is what we enjoy. But that's okay. We welcome discussion, and you are free to post your own thoughts below.

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