Quantum Error for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, & PS4 Switches to Unreal Engine 5; New Trailer Released

Today Teamkill Media released a new teaser gameplay trailer of its “cosmic horror” game Quantum Error, announcing an engine change as well.

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CaptainHenry916632d ago

The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space Remake will come out before this game. What's interesting is this game was inspired by Dead Space and Metro

GaboonViper632d ago

Cool, had my eye on this since it was announced, with this, Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol coming out my horror needs will be well fed.

autobotdan632d ago

Sequel to Quantum Theory and Quantum Break

Einhander1971632d ago

Now that unreal 5 is available to devs, it's great news to see more titles making the transition to the newer engine. Win win for gamers.