God Of War: Ragnarok's Director Speaks With Us About This Game's Version Of Thor

From body shape to personality, Eric Williams and Cory Barlog talk to Game Informer about Thor in God Of War: Ragnarok.

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GaboonViper127d ago

Just give me that release date so i can freeze myself until launch day.

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TheProfessional127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

The design is terrible. Baldur was also generic and this new female boss seems generic too. What happened to the giant enemies the series is known for? They're doing even more of these plain bosses now which is garbage.

Lionsguard127d ago

This is how to tell everyone you've never actually played 2018's God of War without telling people you've never played.

Nyxus127d ago

'new female boss'? He means Freya?

darkrider127d ago

The design is correct. But we know there a faction that will try to create something. Get ready for another video from that Austin genius on tech and everything...

Bathyj127d ago

The new Thor is actually worse. Santa Monica exposed.

gazgriff2k12127d ago

So let me get this straight. Are we really arguing what a fictional god looks like?

Bathyj127d ago

Yeah this is what gamers are now.

CrimsonWing69127d ago

God forbid people talk about disliking a character design in a game…

Promachos127d ago

Fictional God? How Christian of you. Or maybe you’re atheist.

Silly gameAr127d ago

I don't even entertain this silliness. There has been so many articles on Thor's looks, that I smh at how far we've fallen.

ConsoleAgnostic127d ago

This is exactly how I feel. The same people effected by this, are the same people who argue about which console is better 🤦
Let creative people be creative.

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The story is too old to be commented.