God of War Ragnarok director on continuing the emotional saga of Kratos and Atreus

Eric Williams is ready to deliver another Leviathan Axe to the feels.

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SinisterMister131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Seriously though, Atreus needs to fall in line. It annoyed me very much to see him in the trailer being a brat again with Kratos. I mean, come on dude, have some respect for your father, a.k.a the mf'ing God of War.

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DigitalHope131d ago

Seeing Kratos fight the prime evil…..Teenage angst and hormones.

This is one fight Kratos can’t win.

Lionsguard131d ago

He's a hormone induced teenage God on the verge of Ragnarok living alone with his God of War father in the middle of the woods, what do you expect?

Inverno131d ago

You mean like how Kratos was a whiney angry dood for three games straight? Like father like son. Also since when is having disagreements with a parent a lack of respect? Isn't the whole point of growing up to finally stand as equals to those who raised us?

SinisterMister131d ago

Try to get what I'm saying before jumping to conclusions, fella.
After everything the duo went through in the previous game, it's logical to assume there's a bit more understanding between the two now.
You talk about disagreement lol but I guess you've forgotten how Atreus gets all cocky and literally dishonors her late mother sometime after learning that he's half-god. The point being, he's still acting bratty and I would've loved a bit more father-son chemistry.
On the same side, I understand that we've just seen the trailer for now and the rest of the whole game is yet to come.

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TeamIcoFan131d ago

Pretty much no visual improvement over GoW2018.
Cross gen games hurt visual progress once again.

neutralgamer1992131d ago

Sure sure no visual improvements I guess we can judge that from a 3-4 minute trailer. I saw huge improvements

This game will run at native 4K with 60FPS on PS5 without any load screens with hepatic feedback so that right there are some of the improvements