Apple Rejects Epic Request To Relist Fortnite In Korea

Apple has rejected a request by Epic to return Fortnite to the App Store in Korea, saying it will only do so if Epic plays by "the same rules" as others.

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Kaii46d ago

Breaching contracts will do that to ya >.>

porkChop46d ago

Eh, Apple isn't exactly innocent here. They talk about Epic needing to follow the rules, but Apple doesn't apply the rules fairly/evenly. They pick and choose when to enforce their policies.

For example, Game Pass/xCloud isn't allowed on the app store because Apple says the games need to have individual pages on the store. Yet other PC game streaming services are allowed on the app store and don't have to follow that rule. Hell, Prime Video and Netflix are allowed even though their original content isn't listed on the app store.

If Apple won't fairly enforce their own policies it was only a matter of time before someone tried to fight back.

Teflon0246d ago

I get what you're saying but provide actual identical things. Videos are not the same as video games.

Which game streaming services are on it? Because PS Now isn't. I don't really know any that is that isn't streaming from your actual console or PC. Like Steam or PlayStation for example. May have real examples, but I just don't know em.

Also Epic trying to cut the platform holder out with incentives is breaking rules. The platform holder makes the rules. If they're saying games specifically need to have individual pages, maybe they gotta find a way to work around it. It sucks but makes sense. Xcloud and such have game pages on respective stores generally so it doesn't sound far fetched. Also couldn't feel bad for Epic after they ruined PC gaming for me generally and made me not even wanna get games on PC for the most part anymore. This whole paying for exclusives on epics garbage store lol. Nah screw em.

Welshy46d ago

Epic think they can sue them then crawl back and ask to make money off of their store again? Regardless of where you stand with either of these companies, that's hilarious.

Germaximus46d ago

"This, Epic says, would be in line with a new law introduced in Korea last month, a law intended to crack down on the mobile duopoly held by Apple and Google."

KillBill46d ago

Exactly... they are laying down ground work in Korea to have Apple under the gun for not following local law.