Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Next-Gen Upgrade Explained, XB1 Standard Physical Version Cannot Be Upgraded

2K has explained the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands next-gen upgrad, and also confirmed the Xbox One Standard phyiscal cannot upgrade to Series X|S.

NeoGamer2321008d ago

I won't be buying this game then. No publisher gets any money from me if they ship on two generations of consoles and won't give me both versions at one regular price.

PC does it so console should do it too.

GhostofHorizon1007d ago

You do realize you don't have to buy both copies, right? You can just buy the one you want to play.

TheExecutioner1007d ago

As usual, a typical person just wanted to show others that he won't buy but still, he is going to buy.

NeoGamer2321007d ago

So I have a few different TVs in my homes, and have both last gen and next gen consoles in the mix.

So, I have to pay extra just to play a game on one of the generations?

When I buy a game on PC it works on all PCs? Why is console different? It is ridiculous.

First, I am still working my way through Borderlands 3 so don't need another loot fest fix. Second, there are plenty of other games to buy that are cross buy through generations. I may pick it up when it is super cheap, but I won't support bad behaviour from companies towards consumers.

Thegr811008d ago

Microsoft doesn’t allow for paid upgrades. It’s either smart delivery or part of a cross gen bundle are the options they give if I remember they stated before the new systems came out.

itsmebryan1008d ago

It don't remember that. Do you have al link .?

porkChop1008d ago

You can buy an upgrade for COD Cold War on Xbox.

PrinceAli1008d ago

You fool... this isn't true AT ALL!

DaveZero1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

Yes it does, Aliens fireteam is around 30 and i purchased that and I have the choice to upgrade to the best version of the game.

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Shuckylad1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

What a mess, so on Xbox the standard physical version won’t upgrade but the standard digital version will?🤔

Lostbytes1008d ago

Digital version should be able to upgrade .......for 10$ more

Sayai jin1008d ago

No fee for upgrade. They offer free upgrades.

Lostbytes1008d ago

there will not be any free upgrade path for Tiny Tina’s Wonderland for owners of either the PS4 or Xbox One version to the next-gen versions (PS5, Xbox Series X|S). This was confirmed in the official FAQ. Instead, owners will need to pay a fee if they want to play an experience optimized for next-gen consoles.

Sayai jin1007d ago

Yes, individual devs and publishers may chatge for the upgrade, but MS this gen has not. It looks as if they could bot strike a deal to have it done with this title.

wiz71911007d ago

Isn’t that how it normally works , how can you upgrade the physical copy ??? If it’s a disc ?? It would cost the extra money just to upgrade physical copies. Storage etc

Taero1007d ago

You would put in the disc and then download the upgraded digital copy but you would keep the disc in the machine for verification so you don't just immediately sell the old physical copy.

Destiny10801008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

PS4 owners can upgrade by simply having the disc in their PS5 and paying the upgrade fee, not great, but a whole lot better then no upgrade path, xbox owners have to buy the full game again

while sony was initially behind with improving the upgrade path for games and game saves, it is know, microsoft who is completely failing its user base, with the one thing it got right

vallencer1008d ago

Or Xbox owners can just buy the 70 dollar version that has the upgrade and it'll work on any of the Xboxes. Also don't try and paint this as a Microsoft bad thing. This is purely 2k being greedy. Which you can see because the digital version has a free upgrade path.

Nitrowolf21008d ago

Yep, Activision did this to.
Ubisoft allowed physical upgrades to my understanding

Teflon021008d ago

I mean, we get at Sony for not having all kinds of things available to devs. Now that MS doesn't have the paid disc upgrade option it's not on MS. People should play by the rules they make? How about they add these u
Options for those that prefer to upgrade from a disc. It's like forcing a digital version on you if you want a upgrade in the future. Can't move the goal posts. I personally have no issue with a $10 upgrade fee as in the past you bought a whole entire version for a system. So it's nothing. What I do have a issue with is moving the goal post. People need to get on MS about having the optio n available

vallencer1008d ago


I'm not moving any goal post calm down. They can't MAKE 3rd party devs do the upgrade path. It exist for them if they want to do it as you again can see because the digital version utilizes it. First party games do use the free upgrade path. This is completely on 2k. They are choosing not to have a free upgrade path for people of the regular disc version of the xbox one copy.

Profchaos1008d ago

Absolutely it's publisher greed and a reluctance to incorporate pro consumer practices. But take two believe they are above that apparently or maybe they feel they lost to much to boderlands 3 and it's free upgrade path given that when the ps5 and xsx launched the physical Ps4 and x1 game could be picked up for under $10 most gamers would do that and claim the free update over splashing out for the boxed next gen game but in tiny Tina it makes zero sense as it's launching the same day there isn't an opportunity for Tina Tina to be sold cheaply on one platform over another

glennhkboy1007d ago

Well, after 2K saw what Sony can pull-off on the $10 upgrade fee, why not?

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Ausbo1008d ago

Why don’t you ask 2K why they decided not to use smart delivery

Profchaos1008d ago

The Sony upgrade path and choice mostly makes sense that it isn't the same as smart delivery simply because psvr doesn't work on ps5 so games like Hitman 3 need the PS4 version installed to access VR content of Sony had a smart delivery system you would cause VR games to be unplayable.

Now Xbox having smart delivery is an excellent move always having the best possible version makes the most sense so both systems have Pros and cons but this scenario is simply publishers being greedy in the same way Sony was being greedy by locking out horizon forbidden West from.a upgrade path a community uproar stopped that so if enough people get upset at take two you never know but if we just accept it you'll never see it change


Boy are you reaching...when it comes to how games are upgraded from Last gen to current MS stomps Sony and it's not even close.