Five games to play instead of Overwatch

Here are five games similar to Overwatch you can play if you're looking to move on from Activision Blizzard-made games in light of the company's recently revealed transgressions, or just want to broaden your horizons.

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Paladins all the way, been playing since beta on PC stopped for a while when Overwith launched 😁 only to stop playing Overwatch mid 2019 after Blizzard refuses to balance the players not the heroes which are fine with me. Don't need unbalanced match after match with Bronze, Gold, Plat etc just retarded. That and well Blizzard is just shit, they used to be great don't care if they went away permanently.😁

JohnGibreci41d ago

Ye I've been playing Paladins as soon as it went into open beta. Everyone says it's free copy of overwatch, but I think it was done well. I don't really like new champions and cards they have because some of them are just too OP. What was your rank in Paladins?


Yeah it's great. Actually both games are based on Team Fortress 2 you can say they both copied that formula 😀 I myself don't use any new champs and the card system is different but I can live without if it was taken away. Actually in Paladins I don't play ranked mostly just siege, in OW before I closed 2 Blizzard accounts one was just for quickplay and other modes the other was for ranked. I was Plat, but then after a few seasons I had it, after I got my 1st gold gun (76 main) I just let myself go didn't give a shit if my SR was 0 🤣🤣 I probably went down to below 0 in bronze lol.