Top 10 Nicest Asses in Videogames - #5

Ripten continues their countdown today with a slightly lesser-known ass in the world of videogames. After today, however, they hope more people will appreciate the genius of a game containing a booty like this. Like all entries on this list, there may be some content that some would consider 'Not Safe for Work'.

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Twizlex3603d ago

Hmmm, I don't know... Even though she shakes it, I think I may like number 6 better.

Cookigaki3603d ago

Cookigaki still wants DOA chicks! Cookigaki disagrees though, shaking her ass makes it better.

Milk is for Babies3603d ago

Tough call. I'll just take both.

Twizlex3603d ago

LOL, smart man! Bubbles for you.

Milk is for Babies3603d ago

Thanks. Here's a better idea, why not take all of them on this list?

techie3603d ago

Uh, then why is this one number 5 and number 6 is number 6?

Twizlex3603d ago

Because I don't make the decisions, a higher power does.

SullyDrake3603d ago

Mmmmm how I wish she was real... Ah well, we always have Jessica Alba and Megan Fox, both with wicked asses and much prettier faces than any polygon woman.

Pain3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

She Shakes it on my Gamecube All night long!!!

+Its about Damn time She got some Luv!! And if you think her butt is nice there..
.. See it in her G-suit!!!!

hint "G' stand's for String.....

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techie3603d ago

LOL now there's two of them

gamfreak3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

AGAIN.......!!!!!!!! What is wrong with n4g nowadays...? Where are all the game news...? Ain't n4g stands for News 4 Gamers...? Or has it turn into Asses 4 Gamers...? Correct me if i'm wrong....

Shmapanese3603d ago

asses for gamers in fully AWSOME!

with all the fanboyism going on in N4G and stupid articles,its good to spice up some flavor of some ass arguments insted of console arguments. :)

as far as da article goes,im diggin that booty for the whole vids on there.
shes got it goin on for a game that apperantly flopped lol.

hmm,so far i digg this chick out of the others SO FAR.

female asses FTW sucka's.

DarK-SilV3603d ago

ha man, who doesn’t enjoy asses ,it’s a good change from all this fanboys war

gamfreak3603d ago

Wow spare me this (fanboyism going on in N4G) S*IT, it being going on for so long, and now you wanna have a break from all this fanboyism and go for some FANTASY @SS. Lol, well enjoy.. Ha ha ha ha.

t_tocs3603d ago

Who doesn't enjoy asses? I'm sure we all do...there's just one's a pixelated ass! Are you really getting off on the asses of fictional characters. Dude, we gotta get you a woman...real ass and all!

gamfreak3603d ago

So i see you like pixelated ass, yar i can see you getting ON the asses of fictional characters. Oh and btw i prefer real one in case you have no idea what i'm talking about.

Jeebus3603d ago

but most of the pages have links to pictures of hot chicks dressing as the hot characters...double win in my opinion

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Are_The_MaDNess3603d ago

wow nice ass
never seen the game tho lol
prob. suck anyway lol
(like samus better tho)

jessehaysfl3603d ago

when its orchid youll know it.

Are_The_MaDNess3603d ago

yeah lol
but i dont think she will b on the top 10 tho

tplarkin73603d ago

But the girl has the best butt in the business.

Bob Dole3603d ago

Bob Dole thinks we need more games where hot chicks kill people whilst dancing like strippers. Any takers?

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Are_The_MaDNess3603d ago

where is the girls from sexy beach 3 lol

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