Insomniac’s Wolverine Needs To Occupy The Same World As Marvel’s Spider-Man

Insomniac has proven it can do one superhero right. Why not give them the entire universe?

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chrisx753d ago

He will probably exist in the same universe as insomniac's spiderman. i remember a while back when insomniac said they want spiderman to be like the tony stark of their in built universe. i have absolute trust in insomniac to deliver something truly epic in this universe.

Magog752d ago

No thanks. I would prefer a more mature tone and a less arcadey experience.

Teflon02752d ago

What does that have to do with occupying the same universe. Wolverine isn't the typical vigilante styled hero. He doesn't have to follow the same style and not sure what is a arcade experience about Spiderman. At this point people just say things to say things. I like arcadey but Spiderman is a open world action game. What is arcade about it? Could call it a beat em up as opposed to arcadey but that'd be about the closest

hotnickles751d ago

I don’t mind arcade feel but I want the gore and grit themes. The only reason you would put them in the same universe is to eventually get them in the same game. So instead of starting with gore and grit and moving to a safer rating to combine them they just start with a safer rating and that sucks imo.

gamer7804752d ago

Yah let him do his own thing not everything needs to be connected

jwillj2k4751d ago

Connected doesn't mean they cant have their own independent stories. It just means the same event and characters can exist in both, but isn't required.

darklaw751d ago

I wonder how traversal would work for wolverine? Fast travel by taxi? Or maybe his motorbike?

Amplitude751d ago

Spiderman throws him across the map and he just waits to heal

hotnickles751d ago

I disagree. To get them in the same universe you would have to tone the savagery of Wolverine down. I don’t want robot enemies I want to see limbs flying. I love that insomniac has the license but I hope it has a more “mature” nature. I want berserker Wolverine not the cartoon show. I would buy either of them though.

medman751d ago

1. I am encouraged by the carnage and bloody hands shown in the trailer that Insomniac is taking the more brutal route.

2. I do not believe Insomniac would make a pitch to Marvel and Sony to tackle a Wolverine game and then make a game that is not true to the essence of the character and what they know fans want.

3. Insomniac hasn't put a foot wrong in a very long time and they are an incredible studio.

4. I believe this game will be incredible....we just have to wait for it.

hotnickles751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

1. Good point. But does that shatter the possibility of a shared universe? They can exist in the same comic book universe because comics are not regulated like games let alone licensed games.

2. I agree
3. I agree
4. I agree

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Yuri Lowenthal On Playing Spider-Man: "I'll Do It To My Dying Breath If They'll Let Me"

Peter Parker's VA in Marvel's Spider-Man Yuri Lowenthal wants to sustain his role as long as he is alive and allowed to.

ThichQuangDuck8d ago

cool I guess. To be honest his performance isn't why I am there . I am there for the gameplay and boss fights. Dope he loves doing it though

SinisterMister8d ago

That too, but it's not like Yuri does not breathe life into Peter Parker. He's a fantastic VA!

ThichQuangDuck8d ago

shrug I really wish Christopher from 90s series would get a call for Spider man games or multiverse movies. Nothing Yuri does with spider man is that remarkable to me . It doesnt stick with me personally but yeah

GoodGuy098d ago

More like til Spiderman dies lol

Stanjara8d ago

These VAs are so dramatic. He's missing a fedora for that statement.


Marvel's Wolverine Should Treat Deadpool Like One Classic Yakuza Character

Deadpool could play a vital role in the upcoming Marvel's Wolverine title by taking up the legacy of an entertaining Yakuza character.

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anast88d ago

I hope not. Keep it dark and grim. Just seeing Deadpool in that thumbnail makes it look like Fortnite.

Christopher88d ago

I think we can live without Deadpool. If he shows up he either steals the show or isn't present enough. He's too popular for being a main character now that he doesn't work as well as a side character in a heavily story driven game like Insomniac Marvel games. I also don't think any of us want to deal with the onslaught of "Why Insomniac MUST make a Deadpool game next" articles.

jznrpg88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I am guessing he isn’t in the game.

They are going for a more mature darker tone from the trailer shown.

Deadpool doesn’t fit that at all.

I think I saw the first movie once but I’d rather they keep Deadpool in his own games

SimpleSlave88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Absolutely. This is not about maturity but about writing and presentation. Yakuza is quite literally a story about the Japanese Mafia and it takes itself EXTREMELY seriously in that aspect. Then it flips it around and goes all silly goose on us. You know actual real life is.

The whole "tHiS iS mAtUrE" argument shows how plenty of people here have a lot of growing up to do. Too much Edge Lording and not enough Perspective, Nuance and Reality.

But then again, this will be a game about a guy that has healing factor, is like 200 years old, has indestructible metal over his bones and grows claws our of his hands. And he also hangs out with actual demi-gods and literal gods that are able to alter reality itself. So I guess I stand corrected. Deadpool might actually not work at all.

Oh, well. Maybe next time.

P_Bomb88d ago

Looking forward to it. Just ordered X-men Origins Wolverine to scratch some of that itch in the meantime.

Ninver88d ago

Underrated gem that game is