Cris Ro Digital: Valkyria Chronicles Review

Cris Ro Digital writes: "I was a bit skeptical when I first picked up Valkyria Chronicles…

However, that skepticism was quickly put to rest within the first hour of playing the game. Overall I was impressed with the title, despite a couple of nagging flaws.

To be honest, I don't think I've ever played anything quite like Valkyria Chronicles. It weaves elements of third person shooter, role playing, and strategy games together to provide a unique experience that has made this title an instant classic."

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R_19933601d ago

I may just write(/type) my own review on this game...

CrisRo3601d ago

You should! I think that the gaming community needs as many active voices as possible doing reviews of titles.

It was hard to write an unbiased opinion on it, because I'm a huge RPG lover.

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