Spider-Man 2's Venom Voice Actor Says the Game Is 'Massive'

Can't the world hurry up and just move into 2023 already?

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Inverno42d ago

Getting the feeling he'll be playable like in Ultimate along side Miles. Man I'm hyped! I flippin love Spider-Man

LiViNgLeGaCY42d ago

Yes! I REALLY want to play as Venom!

Rude-ro42d ago

It definitely gave me the thought that this game will at least be co-op since both miles and Peter were together.. that would be cool.

Rainbowcookie40d ago

I think so too. Kraven or whoever asked someone to step up and venom answered we will, we already know spidey is playable, so the we could be the 3 of them or just venom which is unlikely

CaptainHenry91642d ago

This game is going to be amazing and definitely a console seller hopefully in 2023 gamers will be able to get a PS5

jBlakeeper42d ago

Yeah this and Wolverine are Sony’s two biggest system sellers. Sony will not release either until PS5 is easy to get that’s for sure.

jukins42d ago

Miles has sold to basically half the install base. Even if they aren't easily available theyll reslease it there will be at least 40 mil or so by time these games come

ShadowWolf71242d ago

I still can't believe Tony Todd is voicing Venom.

Absolute legend.

autobotdan42d ago

But does Venom use Colgate or sysodyne pronamel toothpaste?