God of War Ragnarok to Be One Unbroken Shot Like GOW 2018; Dev Answers Criticism to Character’s Race

God of War Ragnarok will be one unbroken shot from start to finish like God of War 2018 confirmed! Dev responds to character race criticism.

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Rimeskeem128d ago

Why is race even questioned in mythology? Like it's based on interpretation and is rooted in a false narrative which means none nothing can be proven exactly true usually. So complaining about race in mythology is just stupid.

excaliburps128d ago

I agree. The game has friggin' giant talking snakes, and they made it so Loki is Kratos' son, and someone is arguing why there is a black person? LOL! Sony dev handled it quite nicely though.

porkChop128d ago

Haven't gone back to finish the first one yet lol, didn't know that...

excaliburps128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

@porkchop. Sorry!! I’ll edit my comment for that but sorry again.

Edit: and I can’t edit my comment. Ugh.

bouzebbal128d ago

So called anti racists criticizing something due to race question is not hypocrisy at all /s
To all those morons, stfu let people enjoy the greatness of what Santa Monica is preparing for us

Eonjay128d ago

Kratos is Gray. This imaginary gray dude is voiced by a black man and is literally designed to be white and black. And he is not even mythologically accurate by Greek terms let alone Nordic terms. A gray guy from Greece who fathered Loki? No objections? Yeah why would anyone give a damn? It's a game. The source material be damned clearly.

UnHoly_One128d ago

Not taking either side here but Kratos is gray for a reason that is explained in the first game.

It has nothing to do with race.

Stanjara128d ago

Dude don't ever spoil a game... there are other people that didn't play the game. I know it's in the trailer an all... I personally finished it but there is no reason to spoil a game ever...or to spoil anything.

Greg2801127d ago

@Porkchop Why would you even go to a article of God of War: Ragnarok, when you didn't even finish the first game. That's just asking to get spoiled...

SinisterKieran127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I see people moaning about spoilers, the only people spoiling the game at this point are people who haven’t played it.
You’re in the wrong place for no spoilers

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ElvisHuxley128d ago

I don't think it's the race that people care about, it's more that they know why it's done.

Muigi128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Explain…Elvis the name checks out.

jBlakeeper128d ago

Yeah true. It just seems weird to me. The game is in a Nordic setting with not one mixed race person seen in the first one. Now all of a sudden we have a Norse giant who is black. I’m not racist in the slightest it just doesn’t make sense to me in the story.

ballisticvoodoo128d ago

That's the WIN comment of the day!

Rimeskeem128d ago

You don’t see people asking why game characters are you white so I don’t see the point asking why they are black.

Melankolis128d ago

It's not a "real" mythology (Kratos also doesn't exist in Norse mythology), let alone history, it's just a videogame inside outside, do you people forget about that?.

Oh, and while we're at it, why all the characters speak English???.

zeuanimals128d ago

Simple. The demographics in media doesn't represent our reality. This has tangible effects on sales. If devs wanna make more money, they're gonna have to show more representation, even if it means being "historically incorrect" about a game about myths, traveling to new lands and the sharing of said myths and cultures. It might piss off the hate mobs online, but they wouldn't keep doing this stuff if the results weren't clear, and the results show the hate is from a vocal minority.

If this stuff really bothers you, take a hot bath or something. There's no sign of this trend changing and there's actual shit to be bothered by.

ravens52128d ago

Doesn't make sense in the story... and it makes sense how he was fighting Zues and them and now he's fighting norsegods... for all you kno she could be from a different mythology.

loftlanser128d ago

Exactly. It's just a bit crap and patronising.

I'd be just as irritated if they put a white character into African mythology...though of course that wouldn't happen in a game because there would be outrage. Which is another reason why it irritates people; because they know there's a double standard going on and these 'creative art' decisions are wholly to do with social politics.

Sigh. What can you do? It's a woke world.

mgszelda1127d ago

Just sony probably mandating woke quotas

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medman128d ago

Because people are ignorant and focus on things in life that don't matter worth a lick and yet the things they should care about they are oblivious to.

Eonjay128d ago

I have to agree. I see cute black chick and I think... Oh she's cute. How did BOY land that? Lol. Plus, and this may fuck some people up, none of this is real. Get a grip. Who is really that triggered by the existence of black characters?

It's always the same,. Why is there a woman, why is she black, why is she into chicks, now why is Kratos fighting End Game Thor 😆.

If y'all was really worried about being accurate the biggest issue would be the existence of Kratos in the first place. Duh. He is the main character and he never even existed in the mythology at all. Forgot the fact that the mythology isn't real to begin with.

annoyedgamer128d ago

They should cast Europeans in non european mythology and see how that plays out.

SyntheticForm128d ago

What I find interesting is how it only goes one way. People actually complained that the Italian soccer team wasn't diverse enough. THE ITALIAN SOCCER TEAM.

Why is nobody complaining about the lack of diversity in the middle east, or far eastern countries?

The only countries that 'must' be diverse are, let's face it, western (white) nations. Nobody else is held to this nonsensical and frankly idiotic standard.

YoungKingDoran128d ago

👃 oy vey, shut it down!!! 👃

Imalwaysright128d ago

"Cultural appropriation" would be the topic of the day.

TheDoomedGuy128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Complaining about race in general is stupid. You should only care, on the internet and in the public space, about what the people close to you say...others don't matter and don't affect you.

If there's an immediate race issue just take it to court.systemic racism wouldn't have allowed a black president.

I do disagree about the interpretation part though. I wouldn't want to be the one telling the Vikings that Odin is black....they might laugh you off or even cut your head off for fun. This mythology belongs to a culture and that culture has already down it's part in how it's gods and creatures are described and depicted. No culture has shown a go or creature of a different human race. The nords were very white...

medman128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

"I wouldn't want to be the one telling the Vikings that Odin is black....they might laugh you off or even cut your head off for fun"

Then they would be just as clueless as many others who have a low level of education rivaled only by their astronomical levels of confusion and are ignorant to the fact that the vast preponderance of paleoanthropologists believe the first modern human was a black female from northern Africa.

It's not much different than the lost souls who also don't realize that biblical historians believe Jesus Christ looked a lot more like Nelson Mandela or Osama Bin Laden in complexion than to the whitewashed western depiction of Jesus. The more you know.

343_Guilty_Spark128d ago

Where does it say systemic racism would permit a black person from doing anything - it's there to make progress as difficult as possible which is not the same thing as impossible. Last I checked Obama was one out of 46 Presidents. Anyway, there were many important black firsts especially post Civil Rights Act and Affirmative Action. Thurgood Marshall was the first black judge elected to the Supreme Court in 1967. Did he faced systemic racism? Well yea his grandparents were slaves and he lived in a time were blacks were barred from many jobs other than menial work, marrying whites, or using white facilities etc. That's systemic racism.

TheDoomedGuy128d ago (Edited 128d ago )


Well then they were clueless...doesnt mean you can justify changing up thier mythology for them. Dont progressives call that cultural appropriation?
Their level of education was not really my point at all.

Because systemic racism is chalked up to be this invisible force that you cant really pinpoint but that keeps the black man down. Its funny usually when you claim something exists that you cant see people call it bullshit but i guess here then it must exist. Simply because of the common majority being white doesnt make a country oppressive towards non whites.

How many whites are in power in african countries? I doubt many if any are in power. How many whites in middle eastern countries? It boils down to the majority. There is a much higher chance of white people succeeding or appearing to succeed simply because theres more of them and they were born and raised here and didnt come from another country having to start over. This is the natural thing with immigration. The fact that they are a minority and that most of the country voted for obama is prove enough that this invisible oppression does not in fact exist in the systemic level.

That my take on it anyways. Until I see it or see facts that support it Im not sure its real. Youre entitled to your opinion and it is on you to make sure that what you believe you back it up for yourself. Bringing up people who lived through racism is the only case I acknoweledge systemic racism. But its wrong to call it systemic...since it was pure across the board racism and slavery. But dont confuse slavery/servitude with racism. Slavery/servitude has happened to all races despite of color. Black on black and white on white.

Teflon02127d ago

Maybe you don't understand systemic racism the way you think it is. They'd allow Obama to be president to try mask systemic racism. He didn't do much to change things outside being a half black president. Like he didn't get alot of pushback even as the president lol

That's another story.

Simply, this is a game with a inaccurate depiction of it and no one cares about the fact they pronounced things wrong or used a few things out of assumption or created a few things to add to it all. But people are more worried about the race of a character in a mythology that doesn't even have all its answers lol. It's racism at its finest. Who cares if they have a black girl designed in it etc. How about play the game, people complained about Thor despite the fact they actually have a better depiction of him than is generally used lol

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n1kki6128d ago

Complaining about race is stupid.

Magatsuhi128d ago

No it's not stupid, a myth is based on fiction yes but it's also based in the region it resides in. There shouldn't be any people of color in Nordic mythology because it's based off a white nation. Imagine if in the movie black panther the army was led by a white female, all hell would break loose but sure let's have a black female lead the valkyries in Thor.

ravens52128d ago

Wonder if you saw any problem with Tom Cruise being The Last Samurai lol. Your weird. The region thing is silly because there's a such thing as traveling. There were black vikings lol. There are alot of racist or just ignorant people on here.

Sully_III128d ago

Did you make the same case with the Scarlet Johanson in Ghost in the Shell? Would you make the same case when they move to the Egyptian Pantheon and a few of the Gods are crystal white? Its the double standards that are annoying.

Shiore2u128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

The main character in Ghost in the Shell is a cyborg, it's also an anime/manga. Most character designs from those mediums tend to look Caucasian, much less Japanese anyway so not an odd-out choice aesthetically. Large colored eyes, multiple hair colors, tall, strong jawlines, pale, flat ears, ect.

TheDoomedGuy128d ago

So what color was the skin in the anime...somehow I recall it as white. But I guess eyes can
And of course your project your judgement into the future....if we were dealing with the egyptians I would expect them to look egyptian. If we were delaing with native americans I would expect them to look native american.

Its a simple as double standard.

Imalwaysright128d ago

Because it's scandinavian mythology wich makes it part of scandinavian culture. It's no different than portraying King Arthur as being black or Obotala as being white.

ravens52128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

There were black people in sweden, in other Scandinavian countries as well since 1747.

Teflon02127d ago

People cry like this like people of colour didn't exist places. Its like how most people aren't even aware darker skined Japanese people are directly connected to Africa despite the fact in Asian culture the white man is seen in a good light and they tend to stick with Asians. They have African roots in about half the country and having a black person in something from long in the past isn't out of the question. It's also shocking to me that people assume everyone and every race was and always is segregated. All the time

ravens52127d ago

Exactly, just do a little research. Guess people don't like facts nowadays. W.e. stay ignant my gs

Imalwaysright127d ago


What does Japan have to do with Scandinavian countries? Also, segregation?! The physical makeup of the native people from any given region is dictated by evolution and natural selection. Low light levels in Northern Europe favored paler skin tones wich is why through natural selection humans that lived in that region became to be white, developed blonde hair and blue eyes and according to the largest DNA sequencing of Viking skeletons ever made there was indeed an influx of people from other regions into Scandinavian kingdoms from Southern Europe and Asia but there isn't any evidence of Vikings having sub-saharan ancestry so the likelyhood of there being a black deity in Scandinavian mythology is next to none just like the likelyhood of there being a white deity in Yoruba religion is next to none.

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babadivad127d ago

The people who made the Gods imagine them in their own image(the ones who take human form at least)

The Norsemen are as white as can be, they won't have black African Gods in their pantheon.

I imagine if you guys would have the same stance if Kratos went to India and the Gods he encountered were pale skinned blue-eyed white people.

If you're going to borrow from source material, at least be respectful enough not to change the identity so much as to make it unrecognizable.

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dsammy04128d ago

Guess it's the same people that was mad about Idris Elba being Heimdall.

The Wood128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Yet saw zero issue with Cleopatra being played by Elizabeth Taylor...if you're old enough lol. Swings and roundabouts. I'm not for tokenism but this is mythology. People need to chill tfo because its sounding like said people are pissed about a darker skinned character being involved in a fantasy game.....

Imalwaysright128d ago

Why would there be any issue when Cleopatra was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Dynasty? She was of greek/macedonian descent.

TheDoomedGuy128d ago

Dude...darker? She straight up african!
Im sure slavery existed then...perhaps she got somehow transported all the way there.

SyntheticForm128d ago (Edited 127d ago )

It's a fantasy game based on Norse mythology which is a huge part of Scandinavian culture. I think the culture should be respected.

Africans have absolutely zero to do with Scandinavian culture and Norse mythology - it's just a fact - it's not racist. People have every right to desire to see depictions of this mythology and culture unmolested by things that are incompatible with it.

Just because it's fictional doesn't make it right or desirable.

wraith9999127d ago

@SyntheticForm what does kratos have to do with norse mythology? You guys have no problem with a fictional son of a greek god transporting himself into another mytho-verse but then there's a black woman and all of a sudden its "DiSrEsPeCtFuL To ThEiR CuLtUrE" stfu bro let the devs do what they want

Promachos127d ago

Imalwaysright I’m really impressed you knew that. Gal Gadot gave the same answer for her following role.

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Inverno128d ago

I'm personally not a fan of white washing not black washing characters. It's not a deal breaker but I'm tired of seeing forced diversity.

Rimeskeem128d ago

How is it forced? Maybe she was the best cast for the job? It’s not like it’s real history or based on something with concrete details. It’s mythology, who the fuck cares what color someone’s skin is.

Inverno128d ago

I mean forced in media overall. You can't tell me you haven't seen many characters rewritten as black or female or gay over the last decade. Look at Amazon's Cinderella casting a black guy to be the fairy godmother or The Little Mermaid live action adaptation changing Ariel black, Marks gf in Invincible being turned black.
my point is that if something's written one way why is it then changed to include a character of different skin colour/gender/sexual orientation when made into a movie or a show? Look at Heman, Batwoman, it's all just forced and it's painfully obvious.

EvertonFC128d ago

Exactly and going by this post comments lots of racists out there still unfortunately but they'll tell you there not racist it's because it's being forced on us 🙄😔😂 29315;

TheDoomedGuy128d ago youre of the mindset that black voice actress should represent only black people and white only white...hmmm okay thats kinda racist but sure.

It is forced. Ive no problem with it but it is forced. Given the th or not...a main character suddenly being of a different skin color than the entire nation does constitute some kind of questioning. And unfortunately because of the culture of today...they added the black girl to add diversity...not to necessarily add to the story or lore. Most likely.

She'll still likely be a great character unlike when other devs do this but is what it is. Maybe black panther should be aint even mythology...completely made up so why not? I wouldnt want a white black panther but you think everyone would be fine with that?

NomadR3aper128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

It's funny how you and others keep spouting "It's Mythology" Who's Mythology? The Vikings! Who were white! They could have included many myths and cultures here and it would have been ok. But I guarantee that if this was an African Mythology game and their were white gods or characters it would be canceled. Why are there no Latinos, Asians, Indians or Middle East represented here? Not voiced. It's Mythology right?

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Jobu128d ago

Unfortunately it feels forced because when it comes to black characters (especially main characters), there's not that many in main stream media. So we are playing catch up.

Inverno128d ago

That's one of the problems isn't it. Comes out sloppy and poorly written when you're rushing to catch up. Was watching Letter For a King and I was really digging who I thought was the main character before they pulled the twist and forced the role of the hero on the girl. It's not just black characters it's also trying to write in female characters too

jznrpg128d ago

But we haven’t played GoW Ragnarok and how do you know it’s a crappy part ? She’s the last of the giants maybe she has a good story ??

NomadR3aper128d ago

That's false. In the USA almost all TV shows and movie stars are either white or black. The 80s 90s and 2000s had loads of leading black actors and movie stars. Most of the popular shows I remember growing up were black. Hell I bet more people could name black actors and shows over Latino and Asian. Bringing in African mythology into GoW would have been great, that teaches people of other cultures. But replacing some other cultures myths for the sake of the woke is unacceptable.

LoveSpuds128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Inverno,, you forgot the usual ,'I'm not racist but....' opening to your comment.

Ask yourself why it really bothers you that new takes on characters bothers you so much when people of colour are cast in roles you think should be white. You are honestly upset because a mermaid was black...if you cannot see how profoundly dim that is I don't know what to say to you.

James bond was a sophisticated English man in the books, are you upset they cast a man with a Scottish accent in the role with Sean Connery?

Inverno128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I'm not racist, but if people want to believe that I honestly couldn't care less. I'm not upset about a mermaid being black I'm upset about already established characters and lore being changed in ways that make no sense all for the sake of diversity. If you can't tell the difference between racism and legitimate criticism then idk what to say to you.

RedDevils128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Sound like one of those white people that say I'm not racist, and then afraid to say the word black cause they think it offensive. btw I'm white.

Knushwood Butt128d ago

No, but Connery put on an English accent to meet the expectations of the role.

I don't know the background of the guy that played Quarrel, but he did it well and is a memorable character.

EvertonFC128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

If you feel that way don't buy the game then?
But we all know the answer too that.

Inverno128d ago

What's the answer? I'm buying the game I have no problem with her being black. Not sure why that's what everyone seems to take away from what I said. I never said I have a problem with skin colours

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hotnickles128d ago

Why would he even respond to that? Why would I respond to this?