Marvel's Wolverine Game Is Exciting For PlayStation Fans, But Frustrating For Everyone Else

Wolverine’s PlayStation exclusivity is a big deal for PlayStation owners, but for Marvel fans with other systems, it is yet another blow.

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chrisx747d ago

Oh well. Anyone who really wants to play it can get a PS.

darthv72747d ago

thats how I plan to play it. Already got the 5 so Im not missing out on anything.

GamerRN746d ago

Own em all, no reason to fight! We all have our preferences, but there is nothing wrong with buying both and enjoying gaming as a whole.

CobraKai746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

That's how exclusives work. It's incentive to buy a system. I get that there may be people who can't afford both, but to those who are just loyal to one system for the sake of brand loyalty, you're doing yourselves a disservice by only dedicating yourself to one console. The frustration isn't that it's exclusive to Playstation, the frustration is you don't have the console to play it.

Obscure_Observer746d ago

"Oh well. Anyone who really wants to play it can get a PS."

I agree.

I can´t stand people crying over platform exclusive first party games. Be those Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo fans.

Army_of_Darkness746d ago

Exactly! If you want to play a certain game, buy what you need to play it! It's that simple. And if you don't have the money, well you have over a year to save.

The Wood746d ago

Where am I ....did you really just....ah never mind

ILostMyMind746d ago

Probably PC users. Who cares, anyway?

746d ago

Yup. Gamers play games, not consoles. Even if I don't like Sony's anti-consumer practices since Jim Ryan took over, I'm not missing out on Lost Legacy 2 or an Infamous Remake.

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CorndogBurglar746d ago

It'll be interesting to see if we get these articles if the rumor is true about Elder Scrolls 6 being Xbox exclusive.

jwillj2k4746d ago

You know we won’t. It’ll be “Microsoft positioning themselves to be back on top with yet again”

babadivad746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

We already have with Starfield.

myfathersbastard746d ago

I thought it was already confirmed to be an exclusive. At the very least it was heavily eluded to.
I’m mainly a PS player but if ES6 is exclusive, and I’m assuming it is, I’ll get an Xbox to play it. I don’t see why people bitch and complain about exclusives. Every console has always had them.

dbcoops746d ago

Pretty much what I said regarding Starfield, these kinds of articles are always one sided. Like jwillj2k4 said it will be presented as a positive when xbox does it but that's never the case when its Playstation.

Extermin8or3_746d ago

Eh in my opinion we should get harsher articles if/when it is. There's a big difference between Sony having been asked by marvel to make games using characters of their choice and creating new series of games from scratch and them being exclusive. To buying a major publisher, deliberately lying and suggesting twitter do that and attacking exclusives as

Wintersun616746d ago

I don't think it will. I'm 100% sure it will release on PC as well.

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Atticus_finch746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

The title is very telling. "Exciting for PS fans, frustrating for everyone else."
It has been 5 generation of pure class and quality so if you're not a fan of playstation by now, you aren't a real gamer. Especially someone who's meant to be a journalist.

Orchard746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

How elitist, so people who play on Switch PC or Xbox aren’t real gamers?

Perhaps they would consider you not a real gamer 🤷

Atticus_finch745d ago

I didn't say there's nothing wrong with playing those consoles.

MadLad746d ago (Edited 746d ago )


Tell that to families of kids whose parents can only afford one console.

Sorry, bud. I know you want to play Spiderman, but you only have an Xbox and dad doesn't make enough to get you a Playstation.

Exclusivity is dumb. The industry should move to open hardware, and the big three should act simply as publishers who also offer hardware.

They'll still move many consoles, as long as they offer something special with them. Whether that be through performance, or services.

TheRealHeisenberg746d ago

Lol, console purchases have consequences...just like elections do Ted! Now throw your support behind the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill so those dads and moms can get better jobs to afford more than one console.

Atticus_finch746d ago

Gaming is a luxury and there are plenty of cheap options like the PS4.
"Exclusivity is dumb"
Weird, You were so happy for the Bethesda acquisition.
And don't worry the industry is moving towards open hardware. I really feel bad for people don't get to play any Sony studios game since they're the best.

ILostMyMind746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

Next time, buy a PS as your only console.

kneon746d ago

if someone makes a poor choice in console then they have no one to blame but themselves.

dbcoops746d ago

Exclusivity is not dumb its what sells consoles and gives value to those consoles, its just one does exclusivity and consoles better than the other so naturally cries of "they should just all publish" are being shouted from the roof tops.

LucasRuinedChildhood746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

"I like to see stuff like this happen to, one, humble people, and two, actually create honest competition between the only two console manufacturers actually going head to head with each other."

You were gleeful when MS bought Bethesda. You can't have it both ways, Ted.

You cheered on something 10 times worse for people who can't afford multiple platforms. Those games were going to be multiplatform. Wolverine never was.

Vizigoth04745d ago

That is the laziest way of looking at gaming. Alternatively how are car companies are going to build competitively if they share the same freaking engine brand. Competition is what drives innovation. PlayStation with their narrative games and improve controller. Xbox with their Game Pass offering and Nintendo with their cater to children and the mobility of their platform.

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gamer7804746d ago

While I have all of the consoles and planning on getting wolverine, I know some people who really can only afford one console so I can understand the frustration especially for super hero’s who have mass appeal so it’s great it’s being made but wish more could experience it because I’m sure it will be great.

dbcoops746d ago

All anyone had to do was look at what Sony did with PS4 to know which one they should buy if they could only buy one, if they still chose xbox over PS at that point well that's on them.

gamer7804746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

@dbscoops their family agrees on what console to buy and most of them play multiplayer games so they usually get one Xbox to share.

jBlakeeper746d ago

And that’s exactly what Sony is banking on. What will sell systems more than an exclusive Marvel game? Nothing. SM2 and Wolverine are Sony’s two biggest PS5 games that are in development right now. People will definitely get a PS5 for those two games and neither will be released until PS5’s are easier to get.