Insomniac Games is Wolverine's Best Shot for Gaming Redemption

Wolverine doesn't have the most successful gaming history, but Insomniac just might be able to change that with Marvel's Wolverine.

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Flawlessmic740d ago

Im sure insomniac some soecial planner for us but i still cant help being a little unsure how to make a wolverine a game great.

Abilities are limited so would be a hack and slash and the second part is, do they plan on making it a mature game and if so will they be allowed to have dismemberments in it.

If anyine can do it, they can but yea just having little trouble picturing it at the moment

cadentboss740d ago

I'm thinking this game could be more on the lines of last of us type of experience. Really mature and not some arcade hack and slash.
I mean even the slashes could be mature if you know what i mean. Like really bag a punch and really realisticly bloody.

toxic-inferno740d ago

As much as I don't want every Sony game to feel the same, I can't help but feel that a Wolverine game in the vein of 2018's God of War could work quite well.

Yi-Long740d ago

To be honest, I’d hate for this game to be as dark (visually) and gritty and serious as games like The Last of Us. It’s a superhero game, which allows for OTT action and fights, and colorful and varied villains, and I want to play a Wolverine who leaps into outrageous fights and smashing and slashing his way through his enemies.

I really hope the game will have a colorful location, or locations, like Canadian or American woods, the School for Gifted Youngsters, perhaps the neon-soaked coastal city of Madripoor which Wolvie often visits, or perhaps locations in Japan, where Wolverine had his big love (Mariko?) and fought The Hand …

Just because Wolverine is a gritty ‘down to Earth’ moody kinda guy, doesn’t mean the whole game world needs to be toned down and sombre. In the comics, Wolverine works when he’s in contrast to his surroundings and teammembers, and the potential here to make an amazing Wolverine game with a good story, interesting characters and great villains/opponents, is endless.

If done well, this could be this generation’s Ninja Gaiden Black.

oldenjon739d ago

I'm thinking something along the lines of Sekiro, which is a very limited in terms of combat choices. A skill tree, secondary weapons/ accessories, maybe some verticality due to wolverine being able to claw into shit and survive any fall. Actually both Sekiro and Wolverine are immortal so there be some overarching similarities, even if they play a lot different.

bouzebbal740d ago

Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 .. that’s a huge burden !! I know they’ll off something dope

Magog740d ago

They will make a very good game. Will it have the gravitas of TLOU2? We can only hope.

Snookies12739d ago

Last of Us 2 hit so hard people couldn't handle it lol. In all seriousness though, I really hope this is dark and gritty. I'm so hopeful for a mature rating on this one. Either way, I know Insomniac is going to nail it. They've been on fire lately, and if they keep it up they're going to rival Naughty Dog as being arguably the best PlayStation exclusive studio.

Obelisk92740d ago

I miss old Insomniac so much. Resistance, Infamous, Sunset Overdrive... those games were so interesting.
Now it's just superhero tie-ins and profit.

Darkborn740d ago

They said they enjoy making spiderman games. That's how it should be. They are making a fun game while having fun.

Obelisk92740d ago

No doubt about that, everyone like to do what they like and make money with it.

I just think old Insomniac was much more inspired and free to experiment. The games felt fresh.

CML2740d ago

Insomniac didnt do Infamous.

Obelisk92740d ago

You're right, I don't know why I thought it was Insomniac.

MrDead740d ago

"I miss old Insomniac so much"

I know, I wish they would go back to the old ways can you imagine what the PS5 could do with a new Ratchet and Cla... oh, hang on!

Teflon02740d ago

Bruh, you didn't even mention their main series Ratchet and Clank and named sucker punches game. Also love their series but as long as Ratchet is out I'm good. That's the series that matters, I'm not bothered by the marvel games personally. They're great and insomniac still getting out Ratchet once in a while

TheDoomedGuy739d ago

Infamous was sucker punch dude.

Obelisk92739d ago

I know it was Sucker Punch, my mistake. Two people told me it was Insomniac and I didn't double check. LOL

Magog739d ago

Oof. Bad take. It's not like they didn't just come out with the Amazing Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart.

Obelisk92739d ago

Rift Apart was a letdown for me. Pretty much identical to R&C 2016, story was meh, characters were likeable but way too childish, gameplay solid but not that fun.

I didn't say I want their old IPs to come back. I said I want the old Insomniac that tries new things and likes to experiment. Rift Apart is not that.

Amplitude739d ago (Edited 739d ago )


What? Rift Apart was different from 2016 in a billion ways and had so much creativity put into the new weapons and the portals and new gadgets and puzzles and etc. It was similar to A Crack In Time for sure, but definitely not the 2016 game. More grounded story, large open environments, rocket boots, the mini bosses, the raritanium colle....

Ah, what am I doing, you clearly didn't play Rift Apart or Crack in Time. You're either trolling, or you watched some videos and are pretending you know what you're talking about for some insane reason lol

Obelisk92739d ago

@Amplitude You can check my trophy list if you want, I didn't play A Crack in Time but I played both Rift Apart and R&C 2016. LOL

Creativity is not about adding two weapons and a map. But if you think I'm trolling, it's useless to try and validate my argument.

ShadowWolf712739d ago

They're literally allowed to do what they want, they even PITCHED this Wolverine game back when they were working on Spider-Man, but sure, they're not free to do what they want anymore.

I mean, it's not like they just did Ratchet & Clank too or anything. It's not like they've said they're kinda done with Resistance (the number of times they've said if it's remade/remastered it won't be by them, vs the number of people who seem to want Sony to order them to do it is hysterical)...

This idea they're being pushed to do this is kinda silly.

Obelisk92739d ago

Did I say they were pushed...?

I just said I liked their old games better. I think they were more brave, that's all.

ShadowWolf712738d ago

@Obelisk Do tell how tackling a massive IP with a ton of expectations attached isn't brave. Do tell how introducing a whole co-protagonist in Rift Apart wasn't brave.

And they managed to launch three games in 7 months, clearly they're off their game, no?

F0XH0UND922739d ago

Didn't know ratchet and clank was a super hero game. Crazy

Obelisk92739d ago

I didn't like Rift Apart, but even if I did, it's one Insomniac game out of five in the last three years that it's not a superhero game.

Spiderman, Miles Morales, Spiderman 2 Wolverine, and yeah, there's Rift Apart.

F0XH0UND922738d ago (Edited 738d ago )


It's still a hilariously illogical take lol Considering most AAA games take 3 to 6 years to make, Insomniac is performing amazingly and factually don't "just make superhero games" like you claimed. The fact that you didn't like Rathet and Clank is irrelevant, even with assuming you actually played it. Also, just because a game is about super heroes, doesn't mean their only focus is profit. I figured you'd be able to at least recognize the level of craftmanship they out into their games. Insomniac is not a cash grab kind of company. The more you know.

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