Why the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is an Absolute Steal

The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection was an unexpected announcement, but what it's delivering is a deal that should not be skipped.

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Orchard254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

It's a steal if you're a PC gamer - two great games in one bundle.

It's not a steal if you already own them on PS4 and are basically paying full/near full price for a next-gen upgrade.

isarai253d ago

We dont know the upgrade situation or lack thereof yet.

Orchard253d ago

Historic behavior suggests it’s more likely to be a lack of.

TheGreatGazoo30253d ago

Wrong thread, let me try again...

They're going to charge $10 for upgrades...

Profchaos253d ago

Sony has kind of indicated they don't plan to offer it for free. Plus it would be a tough sell do owners of just 4 get LL for free or do owners of LL get 4 free and what about people that own 4 because of plus.

Is it a $10 upgrade if so is that 10 for each product?

To many questions it's not really clear the best approach would be a simple it's free for owners on PS4 but it's just not clear.

victorMaje253d ago

I don’t think there will be an upgrade option. They’re remasters, I expect they’ll be sold as a standalone bundle.

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porkChop253d ago

I wouldn't be so sure.

"PlayStation first-party exclusive cross-gen titles (newly releasing on PS4 & PS5)–both digital and physical*–will offer a $10 USD digital upgrade option from PS4 to PS5"

They're making a clear distinction of "newly releasing" on both PS4 and PS5. That $10 upgrade might not apply to remasters or PS5 ports of existing games.

Gaming4Life1981253d ago

Agreed amazing deal for pc owners. Hopefully ps4 owners get a free upgrade.

medman253d ago

I would say there is a zero percent chance that if you own a copy of Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy you will be getting a free ps5 upgrade. I still have my Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy on disc sitting on my shelf....I'm just hoping this package costs 39.99 for ps5 and they don't try charging 69.99 for it. I would pay 40 bucks to replay the duo on ps5, I would not pay 70 though.

Atticus_finch253d ago

The update will be payed for by PC players and will be a free upgrade for PS5.

John_McClane253d ago

Playing the games once was enough for me even though I enjoyed them.

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slowgamer253d ago

Those are just the ones I haven't played. I played 1-3 on ps3 so it's great to finish the series. Sony games on pc in here have cost 49,99 euros and if it's the same with this it sure is a deal and even if it's 60 it's still a good price for 2 quality games.

TheRealTedCruz253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

Let's be real, they want people to buy the PS5 version.
If it were a free upgrade, they simply would have announced it for PC, then talked about an upgrade separately.

One way or another, if you're playing on PS5, you're going to be spending some money.

Atticus_finch253d ago

If they wanted people to buy U4 it wouldn't be given out for free with every PS5.

Atticus_finch253d ago

It funny how people are making assumptions about the PS5 version when no announcement has been made. All we have to go by are the the multiple free upgrades we have already received.
But I have no doubt the update will cost Sony a lot of money but the ones paying for it will be on PC.

Kavorklestein253d ago

I dont thinks these updates really cost that much for ANY of the publishers or studios.
I'm glad it's coming to PC tho.
More people being able play some great Sony games is a win-win either way

dangerousbrian0253d ago

To be honest I would rather have them do all the games for PS5 & PC that would be Uncharted 1-4 Golden Abyss & The Lost Legacy & call it The Uncharted Collection not just The Lost Legacy & A Theifs End

repsahj252d ago

I hope they remade golden abyss on ps5. One of the best psvita game imo.

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