God Of War Is Right To Avoid A Full Trilogy

God of War Ragnarok will be the Norse saga's last game, which is good news even if you were hoping for a trilogy.

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P_Bomb128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I’m actually more excited knowing the end is nigh. No time for filler or decompressed storylines. It’s all or nothing. I’m in.

SCW1982127d ago

I agree but I think it really could have works with chapter 1 Baulder. Chapter 2 Thor. Chapter 3 Odin. I just feel like maybe Thor and Odin bother being in the same game might not hold as much weight as each having there own game. Regardless I am excited for it

P_Bomb127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I hear ya. I’m reminded of GOW3 tho and how Kratos took down Olympus in one epic swoop.

Poseidon, Hades, Hermes, Hercules, Hera, Zeus with some extra bosses in the mix like the Scorpion and Cronos. Plus the Chimera. Same could apply here with Thor and Odin bookending the adventure.

RedDevils126d ago

I felt empty after beating GOW 2018. I just want MORE!

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SeTTriP126d ago

Wasn't looking at it that you have me more excited.

Iltapalanyymi127d ago

Gonna pick it up for 10 smackaroos when the time is due like i did with the last game

I just liked the old ones a lot better


Completely agree. That's actually when it was "God of war" For the name sake. Here it's a lot more like Dad of boy. Daddy daycare type thing with forced emotional aspects. I know a lot of people will disagree ^^

the_dark_one127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

By saying you know ALOT of people will disagree, you are basically inviting them to disagree with you. And, your comment, although valid as it is your opinion, was for nothing else other than them to do so. Cause if you feel that's what the 2018 God of war was about then nothing will change your opinion on the second,

AspiringProGenji127d ago

It is still God of War and is is stupid to say otherwise. Did zelda stopped being zelda when it went from top down perspective to 3D and vice versa?

SlothLordPootus127d ago

GoW 3 is the most badass game I've ever played. The reboot is about 75% of the way there in that aspect, but the combat was MILES better than in the older games. Just need more boss battles in Ragnarok really and it'll all be good.

darkrider127d ago

Funny the old gow games many call them brainless slasher...

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Tedakin127d ago

The new GOW was incredible, definitely on of my games of the generation. With that said, nothing can touch the original trilogy. God of War 3 is mindboggling.

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BLow127d ago

Thank you for letting us all know your plans. This is why you have choices in games. Don't like this one, then choose another. You'll be waiting for it to hit $10 and millions of others will be buying it on day 1. I like both the both old and new. Is that allowed or do you have to choose one to get some attention? Happy gaming to you and no disagree from me. You're entitled to your opinion.

lucian229126d ago

Funny, I hated it when it was just transom angry Kratos screaming at everything. The story was so bad in the old games, I hated them. Gameplay sucked too back then.

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victorMaje127d ago

In order to begin anew it has to end. If the material they have is enough to end it now then so be it, otherwise it may have affected the quality of the story if they had pushed for a 3rd.

Then one day we’ll have another reveal like the one we had at E3 2016.

-Foxtrot127d ago

I don’t know

It seemed they set up a lot to just end it with one more game

Why waste the Norse mythology when there’s so much to explore

It’s a big franchise, it will always come back, keep other mythologies for future games

Trilogy - long pause - new IPs - new game

RaidenBlack127d ago

Is it confirmed by Santa Monica themselves that this'll conclude the Norse story?
Or everybody's assuming just because its named "Ragnarok"?

HICK127d ago

I am so confused why people think this is the last Norse game...I swear the director said this game is setting up the finale to the Norse Saga...did I miss hear him?

--Onilink--127d ago

The director explicitly said so

HICK127d ago

Do you have a link please? The only thing I heard was what I said in my first post.

HICK127d ago

Ok just re-watched the dev interview. What Herman said made it seem like it was setting up for a third and final game but I misunderstood him. The dev said it clearly it will cap off the saga. Interesting to have 2 games instead of the usually three.

RedDevils126d ago

It's seem, Ragnarok is to be even better than 2018 one.

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AspiringProGenji127d ago

The greek saga could have been finished with 2 games as welll but they went insane with it, like 9 games 😂

GoW 3 could have been the last section/chapter of GoW 2 if they wanted

-Foxtrot127d ago

Yeah 9 games just burnt the series out

They should have just done 3 games and left it

As long as they do a big pause in between these settings and bring it back after doing a couple of new IP's the series can always thrive.

I mean look at Killzone or Resistance, when they finally come back they are both going to feel fresher after how long it's been since their last game.

mgszelda1126d ago

2018 is a lot longer than most gow games though. It took me almost 40 hrs on my initial playthrough. I bet the new one will be lengthy too. The older ones are relatively short by comparison.

smashman98126d ago

Why would you want something so formulaic. I much prefer they just do as they please.

Seraphim126d ago

that's where I'm kind of confused. Playing the reboot I came out feeling like this has to be another trilogy. For how slow and little the story actually developed in the reboot it just had trilogy written all over it, imo. It was basically just an introduction to [some of] the cast & the surrounding areas.

Only time will tell but it seems like with Ragnarok Santa Monica Studios might try to condense too much material into the finale. Unless this game is 60+ hours long. Or that they just don't have the material which I find hard to believe. Whatever the case I imagine Santa Monica Studios must be planning something epic to be wrapping up the Norse mythology in only two games with Ragnarok being the finale. Especially but not limited to a business sense it's a bit baffling to me. I just hope Santa Monica studios have something epic in the pipes

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hotnickles127d ago

I agree. I think you can fit most pantheons in 2 solid games. Especially when the premise is Kratos being the god slayer. He has places to go haha. The good thing about this is Thor will probably be an early fight.

There is a danger to packing all of this fan service into 2 titles though. While fans would know the references it goes lost on new viewers. That’s why their use of mimir is so brillant. People were shocked when they found out Thor was a red haired, stocky dimwit. They wouldn’t know know any of the references and detail. I think that’s why most people go with a trilogy to slow the roll and get the commons to understand.

As a fan though? I don’t care what references the average player gets. Fan service away. Pack a pantheon into 2 games and let’s go.

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